Worried About Going Back to Work

Updated on April 29, 2008
T.E. asks from Canute, OK
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Im currently a stay at home mom..but Im bored at the house and want to meet people. Im not from around here so I dont know anyone! I'm wanting to go back to work but I have an 8 month old who I enjoy hanging out with. I want to know if I should go back to work...or just stick it out since the summer is coming up???

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So What Happened?

Well thank you everyone who has replied to my request it has all help a lot. I just wonder from the small town that I live in if there is anyone around that is my age. I guess I will have to start going to park and putting myself out there to find people who are as blessed as I am to be a sahm. Thank you all again.

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answers from Tulsa on

This is such a hard decision to make forso many women, myself included. I decided that I wanted to be the one raising my children so I prayes about it and now I am a sahm and I love it (most days)! Ask God to guide your decision. Have you thought about working part time? I am thinking about applying at my church's moms day out program which is a 3 day a week job that my kids can go to! Waiting until your child is a bit older will also decrease the whole getting sick from daycare yuckies! Good luck to you and God bless!



answers from Huntsville on

You sound just like me when I had a child your age. I had taught school for 8 years and I loved it. For the first year or so as a SAHM, I didn't know what to do with myself. Finally, when my son was about 11 months old, I started a neighborhood playgroup. We met together once or twice a week in each other's homes. Before the playgroup, I didn't even know these women!!! (I had just noticed that they SAH too so I asked them if they were interested. The group spread through word of mouth.) Now, our kids are all elementary and middle school age. We remain friends even still. We play bunco sometimes, we meet out for breakfast or dinner, and sometimes, we chat on the phone. This playgroup helped me get through the loneliness of being at home alone my first year or so. Now, I am still a SAHM. I tried going back to work one year but I realized that my family depended on me alot (household stuff) and things ran much smoother when I stayed at home. I volunteer at their school, tutor at other schools, and substitute sometimes during the day but I'm home when the kids get off the bus. Sometimes, I think I'm more important to them now than ever! Hang in there!


answers from Pueblo on

Hey! Have you considered working from home part time? You get the best of both worlds, because you are keeping your mind busy and active, not to mention you are contributing to the family income and helping your spouse, AND you get to spend all the quality time with your son! I have been working from home now, for just 4 short months, but I have already had GREAT success, and I LOVE what I do because I get to talk to other moms ALL DAY!! If you're interested in more info. check out my website at www.workingmommyathome.com




answers from Oklahoma City on

If i were you i would just stick it out since the summer is coming up so that when you do go bak to work if you need daycare your child will be older. I was just always against putting smaller children in daycare if not needed. That may just be me, but i just like to be around my babies until they are old enough to talk and tell me everything that goes on. I don't mean to scare you out of taking you child to daycare, that is just how i am because i am very over protective of my chidren and my husband because they are all i have.



answers from Longview on

Hi my name is D. and I am a stay at home mom during the week and work on saturday and sunday. It gets me out of the house to keep my sanity while also making friends. I am a military mom I have 2 boys ages 1 and a half and 3 so i am quite busy as you could imagine. Not only that I also run a business out of my home and that gives me access to meet tons of people through out the entire united states. There are plenty of ways to satisfy your family and yourself at the same time. If you have any questions please dont hesitate to respond.



answers from Tulsa on

Hi T.,
I dropped some advice earlier to a mom on Mamasource named Laura. I've pasted and copied what I shared with her below. Hopefully this will encourage you and brighten your day.Please let me know if I can assist you.

It can be stressful the first few months getting used to one income. But, if you and your spouse are in agreement it can be an incredible change for the better in your relationship and family life. I am a SAHM and love what I do! There isn't anything more rewarding to be at home when my children go to school and come home after their day with teachers and friends. It's also nice being able to be there when my husband walks through the door after a long day of work. I love being his sounding board and cuddling up to him on the couch as he tells me about his day.

But, to make things a little easier financially on our family I signed up as an Indep Avon Sales Rep. This allows me to do what I love most, which is spend time with my beautiful family. Selling Avon has helped our family have extra when extra normally wouldn't be there. Its fun having PLAY money! This allows us to go out to eat out occasionally, shop for fun stuff that we might not otherwise be able to afford and put money in savings.

The only draw back that I found in being a stay-at-home-mom is that all my friends couldn't afford to stay at home. Car payments, mortgages and other expenses kept them from doing so. I found my days were spent with just me, cleaning the house and watching Soap Operas throughout my day. I needed a little more social interaction. With Avon I've made a lot of new acquaintances and incredible friendships this past year, which I otherwise wouldn't have necessarily had. And with the wonderful world of syberspace it makes my Avon business so easy and fun, knowing I don't have to fill out a lot of paperwork. With the click of a few buttons my order is processed and ready to go.

I would love to have you on my team T.! If you're interested in selling Avon contact me at [email protected]____.com

Remember... The dreamer who finds his way by moonlight sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

I do wish you the best of luck sweets with whatever path you decide to take.

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