Thrush ..UGH

Updated on November 18, 2011
L.G. asks from Mesa, AZ
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My son who is 3 weeks old, has thrush.. its spread to a diaper rash, which the dr prescribed some nystatin cream for, which has helped. The Nystatin that she prescribed for his mouth has not seemed to work.
I have also tried using baking soda in 8oz of water a few times a day but that hasnt helped either. I have seen that some people have said to use gentian violet, but im a little hesitant to try that on him.
I am trying to breastfeed, but I have it too, so its hurting me, my dr said to use monistat on my nipples and wash off before breastfeeding.. Just wondering if there are any other home remedies that work that I can try and what your experiences are.. Thanks!

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answers from Des Moines on

We did one round of the Nystatin for him/Monistat for me. It came back so they switched us to diflucan for both of us which did work!

It was the first time I REALLY appreciated having a GOOD Family Practice doctor who could take care of both of us in one visit!

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answers from Phoenix on

My youngest son and I had it for 6 months (starting at 3 weeks) before it was totally gone. The Gentian Violet is what finally worked! So mad I didn't try it earlier. It does stain EVERYTHING but it is so worth the relief!!! I was ready to give up nursing, so glad I didn't. The purple stain on my medicine cabinet now just reminds me of my love for my son and our tenacious desire to keep nursing.

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answers from Dayton on

Gentian violet!! Use it - cured my baby's yeast overnight almost and a friend's thrush with one use.

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answers from Boston on

I ended up not using gentian violet until after suffering with the pain for so long that it made me quit nursing before I was ready .. I really don't see the harm in using it. Talk to your pedi first I used it with my son and there were no problems just absolute comfort after about 1-2 days!! Good Luck!! Don't give up the breastfeeding you can use the gentian violet on your nipples just wear a crappy bra or keep nursing pads in because it does stain

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answers from Tampa on

Don't be hesitant about gentian violet and vinegar washes!! Check out or to see the exact instructions on how to use it.

Thrush is EXTREMELY tenacious!!

When baby is nursing, use gentian violet... after the nursing session is over, wash nipples with slightly watered down vinegar and allow to dry. You have to coat both the nipples AND the baby's mouth with gentian violet. You can also coat the mouth at anytime with gentian violet - whether nursing or not... just be careful of the beautiful purple color staining fabrics.



answers from Chicago on

I used the protocol by Dr. Jack Newman. I wasn't able to get the APNO though but I used the genetian violet. Hope you feel better soon. Also, after a feeding let yourself airdry and wash EVERYTHING is hot water daily. Including if your using pacifiers make sure to boil them every day. Good luck!



answers from Santa Fe on

Nystatin can be applied topically and taken orally; you may be able to get the doctor to prescribe some Nystatin that you can apply to your breasts that you don't have to wash off.

Whatever you use, you *must* treat both you and your baby at the same time, or else you'll just be passing the infection back and forth between you two.



answers from New York on

I gave gone through thrush 3 times with my 3 month old. Each time we have both been prescribed fluconazole and it gas worked really well. All symptoms are gone in 2 days although you take it for 10. Also i was told to put lotramin on my breast and wash before feeding. But you both need to be treated otherwise it wont go away. I had to have my ob prescribe the meds for me. good luck- i hate thrush!!

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