Going Back to Work: Reebok

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Skechers Shape-ups or Reebok Easy Tone

A.T. asks from Oklahoma City

Hello! Just wanting input on the Skechers Shape-ups, Reebok Easy Tone and Reebok Easy Tone flip-flops. I am interested in getting a pair and wanted to know pros/...


Shape up Shoes, Do They Work?

J.G. asks from Dallas

So I 'm having my boy in February (hopefully) and I'm already thinking about my future work out routine. Now that all the stores are having all this big sales I wante...


Skechers Shape Ups Shoes--do They Really Work?

L.G. asks from Minneapolis

I see these types of shoes everywhere now...even winter boots that have the special sole. So, I'm wondering, if you've bought a pair and wear them regularly, do you a...


Toning Shoes

S.R. asks from Seattle

Does anyone have or know of toning, firming shoes that they like, or don't like. I would like to hear both good and bad reviews please. I just need them for every...


Durable Sneakers

M.C. asks from Detroit

This is a follow up to my question from yesterday about school clothes. My oldest son is very hard on his shoes. The only shoes that last are Crocs, but he isn't al...


Sketchers Shape-ups or Another Brand

J.S. asks from Austin

Hey all, Just curious, has anyone tried any of the shape up tennis shoes? If so which is your favorite. A friend of mine loves her sketchers and says they do work ...


Need a New Excercise DVD

D.H. asks from Boise

Hi Ladies! This is my first post =) I have been doing the SLIM IN 6 DVDs off an on for a year. They work great but I am getting board!! Does anyone have a good exce...


Has Anyone Tried Shape-Ups? or Something like Them?

M.S. asks from Portland

I was looking at these and wondering if anyone has any good or bad feedback on them. What about your low back? And, do they still support the ankles like regular athl...


Foot Problems While Working

L.P. asks from Janesville-Beloit

I have been waitressing for many years and have had problems with the heel of my feet hurting so bad that I can barely make it through my shifts, let alone when I get...


In Desperate Need of Time to Excercise!!!

N.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, I used to regularly work out before I had my daughter. Then when she was born it dwindled to taking walks (which I liked, and was pretty good excercise). Ho...