Going Back to Work: Angel Care

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Tummy or Back

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I am a first time mom of a 3 week old boy. He sleeps well, generally 2 1/2 hours to 3 hours at a time. He HATES sleeping in his bassinett at night, which my husband a...


Sleeping from Back to Tummy

M.H. asks from Charleston

a couple of weeks ago my mother and i and my four month old went to the mts to see the new house my grandparents built. they didnt have a crib for Kaylynne and didnt...


11 Week Old Baby Won't Sleep on Her Back

A.R. asks from Great Falls

I am a first time mom of an 11 week old baby girl. Right after birth my family came up to help out and when my mother took her shift at night she put the baby on her ...


4 Month Old Rolling from Back to Tummy in Crib

L.M. asks from Chicago

So, my daughter just learned how to roll over yesterday. I put her to bed at 7:30. It's an hour later, and I've already been her room 3 times because she has flipp...


First Time Parents - Are SIDS Alarms Necessary?

A.S. asks from Dallas

We are new parents to a healthy, baby boy, 9 days old now. The OB nurses have mentioned "SIDS" so often that my husband and I are completely freaked out. I have loo...


6 Week Old Will Only Sleep on His Stomach!

K.E. asks from Tuscaloosa

I have a beautiful new 6 week old son. We have found that the only way he will truly sleep is on his stomach. I do not mind this at all since I am either watching him...


Does Anyone Know If the Graco Angelcare Movement Sensor Is Worth Getting?

A.D. asks from Minneapolis

I just had my second child about 9 weeks ago and I am thinking about getting one of these movement sensors. I never really worried about SIDS with my first but for s...


Love the Swing, Hate the Swing

A.G. asks from Hartford

Hello! I'm a first time mom on maternity leave for now. I have a 4 week old precious little girl who loves her swing. After having many sleepless nights, we discover...


3-Month Old Turning onto Stomach During Sleep

M.R. asks from Birmingham

I have a very healthy, active 3-month old. She turns over onto her stomach and just learned to turn herself back over. She tries to crawl and gets upset when she do...


4 Month Old Flipping over While Sleeping

A.K. asks from Chicago

My 4 month old daughter has been sleeping through the night sine she was 2 months old--we are lucky! This weekend we were going to transition her from her bassinette...