Going Back to Work: Melissa & Doug

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R.S. asks from Chicago

My daughter will turn 4 at the end of July. She received a beautiful Melissa and Doug Victorian dollhouse for her birthday last year from a close friend. Having just ...


Need Advice on Holding My Son Back in Kindergarten?

A.B. asks from Albany

Teacher suggest that he could use more help and staying in kindergarten will help, but with everything I have reading about holding your child back, has got me scarre...


Sticker Charts Do They Work? What Tasks to Put on Them?

R.T. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, My daughter seems thrilled to be able to get stickers at her preschool. She gets really excited so I thought I might try this at home to improve her beh...


Puzzles for a Toddler

M.E. asks from Salt Lake City

My 2yr old loves doing puzzles. She is beyond the peg puzzles and is doing some advanced inlay puzzles (they fit together kind of like a jig saw but not). The probl...


How Do You Structure a 3 Y/o Afternoon/evening?

V.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have a 3 y/o son who is a poor sleeper/napper and very active. Now that he has dropped his PM nap and isn't very cooperative with quite time in his room, I have a ...


Trying to Figure Out Age Appropriate Toys to Engage My 2 1/2 Year Old Son

L.L. asks from Orlando

I feel like I do nothing with my son when we are at home. He is in the Preshool where I work for a good part of the day. I just want to know of good toys, or activi...


Suggestions for a Schedule

V.M. asks from Norfolk

I am a somewhat new SAHM (as of January) to my almost 23 month old and 16 day old son. My husband is still at home helping but will be going back to work soon. I am...


Cheap Wooden Toys

K.M. asks from Denver

Right now my husband and I are graduate students and work. So, we are pretty poor but I don't want that to stop my son for having good quality, educational, beautifu...


How Do I Help My 6 Year Old Remember Daily Tasks?

A.K. asks from Seattle

I have a six year old son who started kindergarten this year. I realize that there is a lot to remember in school, and that he is only six, but it seems that things a...


Toy Swap

J.P. asks from Chicago

I have this grand idea if hosting a toy swap amongst friends who have little ones around the same age, however, I haven't ironed out the logistics. Has anyone ever ...