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Sick Baby! High Fever Help!

Hi! My 8 month old has had a fever for 4 days. It ranged from 101-104.5 The only thing that breaks it is tylenol or motrin but I don't want to keep drugging him up. I took him to Urgent Care. They said ears/throat/chest/nose are clear. Got a blood panel done. White blood cell count is high. They took another blood culture from him today and gave him a shot of antibiotics but the Doctor still doesn't know what's up. More results tomorrow...in the meantime....anybody out there have any experience with high fevers? I'm very concerned. My...

Taking Temperature

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Which Thermometer to Buy?

Any advice on what kind of thermomter to buy that will work for my 18 month old? I know that taking his temp rectally is the most accurate, but let's say he doesn't like that. I can't decide between an ear one or a temporal one. Any thoughts?