Fever Seizure with No Infection...

Updated on May 08, 2008
R.L. asks from Coronado, CA
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Hi everyone. On Friday my little guy had his first ever fever seizure. Scariest thing! He's 19 months and a joy. He had no symptoms on Friday. Nothing was wrong. Friday evening he was slightly feverish and I gave him some medicine. Well, it spiked, etc etc we went to the emergency room. They that he had an allergic reaction to something and the very beginning of a fever. They didn't give us antibiotics. We ended up back at the ER on Saturday when the fever started to go up and fever reducers weren't helping. The Dr. said that it was pneumonia. Well, I took him into his pediatrician on Monday and he said the blood tests showed nothing and he wanted to see the x-ray. Once they got the x-ray to him he said it was clean and that I can stop giving Luka antibiotics. Oh, his fever finally broke Saturday night. I don't know what to do. My son is feverish now and I gave him meds because of the whole fever seizure situation. I'm stumped. Doctors down here don't really explain anything. I don't know who to believe. I have the two blood tests from the two ER visits. Anyone know what the average range is for toddlers on a standard blood test? I can't find it anywhere online. I want to be able to ask the Dr. why they are different etc. What do you guys think? What do you think of this new fever? Apparently he's perfectly fine, ears, lungs, throat... Now he's stuffed up.

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So What Happened?

So Luka is doing well. He has no fever and seems to be back to his normal self. Just to clarify, I do really like Luka's pediatrician. He's very proactive and I know that he would never risk anything. I was just confused as to why a doctor at an ER would tell us something untrue and prescribe antibiotics that weren't needed. Usually Brazilian doctors don't prescribe antibiotics unless the child (or adult) really need them. It's not like at home where, I feel, antibiotics are given out more regularly then they should. Regardless, I'm finishing Luka's cycle because I've been told many times to always complete it. Thanks so much for the responses!

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Hi R.,
Try "labtestsonline.org" or "wikipedia.org"
Those should be a help.
Other than that, take your baby to another Physician.
And another--if necessary.
Good Luck, I certainly hope your baby will be fine.
But,fever is no joke, and not to be passed off as
insignificant!! Fever could be the cause of an underlying
problem, not yet diagnosed. Keep on these Doctors.

Concerned in San Diego,
C. S.



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A siezure from a fever has more to do with the temp than an infection. Maybe he is getting a tooth. The spike is the cause of the sieze. Maybe you mom in law knows a doc you can trust. Good luck, Brazil is on my places to visit list.



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My best friend's son has had a sudden fever for a few days, then developed oral herpes. Carefully check the inside of the mouth for sores? (This has finally convinced me not to share sippy cups - my 20-month-old is constantly grabbing other toddler's sippy cups, when he sees one- I then quickly offer him his own, Born-Free bottle without the Bisphenol-A)...

I live in So. Calif. as a foreigner, and do not trust the U.S. doctors here, as they all seem to resort to antibiotics all too quickly. In my native country, there is more emphasis on natural remedies, and prevention, rather than antibiotics for everything. I am sure you can find a good doctor in the big city in Brazil you live in. Or, you can research natural medicine on the Internet at home. Does your husband have relatives with children the same age as your child? You could ask them, and also ask your mother-in-law about your husband's medical history of seizures? I wish you the very best! Love, C.



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Wow R.,
This is really traumatic for you, and to be in a foreign country at that...

I would continue to pursue answers to this unpleasant riddle. It's not too uncommon for toddlers to have seizures with high fever, the very issue that we are warned about in keeping the fever down with cool baths, towel baths, ice chips in the mouth, some folks rub alcohol on the skin (I never did) etc...

It sounds to me like your child has a virus, what kind would be difficult for many doctors to say. It's too bad he was misdiagnosed with Pneumonia, it could have been the mucus rattling around from the possible allergy reaction... Parasites are not out of the question either, which can be easily picked up at beaches, playgrounds, on hikes, or even from food or beverages. Don't rule these out.

Try to retrace the things you did and the places you went the two to three weeks before your child got sick. Viruses and parasites take time to get to your child's health, and sometimes answers can be found by retracing your steps. Insodoing, are any other folks or children you came in contact with during these past few weeks sick in any way (their symptoms may be different from your son's)?

Nevertheless, I would not drop this even when the boy's fever goes away. You must have a US consulate nearby, or get in contact with some US expatriates like yourself to see which doctors they go to. (I am a foreigner to this country, been here for years, but there's nothing like going to a physician whose practice is most similar to what we are used to. So it's not that I'm saying Brazilian doctors are incompetent, no way) Find a US trained doctor who speaks the same "medical language" as you do. I hope you understand what I mean....

In the meantime, if your child persists with the fever, keep him cool, keep his body temperature down. I used to get beach towels wet (not drippy) and wrap my children in them and change the towel out when it became room temperature, keep a bowl of ice water by the bed and put a soaked washcloth on their heads or necks, wherever it made them feel better. Some of my friends would stand in the cool shower, or get in a cool bath with their kids...Also, two of my kids don't respond to Tylenol (acetaminophen) but respond wonderfully to Motrin (Ibuprophen), (don't give him any aspirin though! way too young for that) so you may need to see what your options are there. Just make every effort to keep his temperature under 101F. Home made popsicles were good (just make sure to keep sugar intake down when he's sick, even fruits can be too heavy when they're really sick like this) chicken soup and rice, keep the meals light, drink as much water as possible, look into giving him electrolytes, ...make sure he's properly hydrated.

I hope someone gives you the advice you need R.. My heart goes out to you.

In Friendship and Support,

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