Bringing Fever Down!

Updated on February 11, 2011
N.P. asks from Miamisburg, OH
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Can you really rub your four yr. old chid down with rubbing alcohol to bring down her fever? My aunt told me this and I want to make sure its safe!

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So What Happened?

Yuki thank you so make with medicine and your advice aboout wiping her down with cool water her tempture went from 102.2 to 98.4!Thanks so much this site is awesome.

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answers from Cleveland on

seems you solved the issue but just so it's been said, that is a REALLY bad idea, cooling a child to quickly (alcohol cools the skin as it evaporates) with alcohol or a cold bath can cause the child to shiver and will only INCREASE the temp. Cool towel on the forehead or the back of the neck, or a lukewarm bath are much better ideas.

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answers from New York on

NO.. alcohol can only make your baby's skin dry.. sponge bath will do the thing... face towel, tap water, basin- thats all you need.. wipe your child every hour whole body..

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answers from Columbus on

NO you can not, the alcohol can get absorved and damage your son. If you can't get the fever down with tylenol or motrin, give him a luke warm bath.
Some people say (I've never done it) to place a cool towel or bag on their feet helps.
I hope your son feels better!



answers from Indianapolis on

That sounds horrible for the skin:( I'd stick to cool baths, cold wash clothes, and Tylonal.



answers from Indianapolis on

I'd heard about putting onion slices on my child's feet (in socks) to take down a high fever (over 102.5) but I was skeptical. Last week my entire family came down with the worst flu we have seen collectively and tylenol/motrin alternating was not taking down my 9 year old's fever significantly so I mentioned the onion thing to dh and he encouraged me to try it. It really worked. I coupled it with a dose of motrin (which had not worked solo for 2 days) and just put the slices in his socks. Within half an hour he was feeling better and cooler and within an hour he was near his normal temperature and able to sit up and read where he had been miserable and only able to lay in the bed and shiver.

Previously, I've tried socks dipped in cool water and wrung out then put on the feet along with cool cloths on forehead and neck and wrists. This works but nor for long and has to be redone all night. With the onions, my child was able to sleep all night and the fever took 8 hours to come back up.



answers from Chattanooga on

I was told to do this too the other night when my 9 month old had a fever of 103.7.... I couldn't bring myself to do it. I used ibuprofen, cold rag on her neck, then a lukewarm bath. The bath helped the most, plus she definitely enjoyed being in the water. She was miserable, but played for about 10 minutes while she was in the tub. :)



answers from Honolulu on

DO NOT DO THAT, they can get poisoned.

When a fever is too high, put cool ice packs under the arm-pits, and under knee-pits. Or put the child in a tepid bath.
That is what my friend, who is a Nurse, said.

For a fever/illness, you best call your Pediatrician.


answers from Honolulu on

No! How high is her fever? Remember it's not even considered a fever until it's over 100.4. Fever can be good as it is a mechanism for fighting off whatever bacteria or virus is making your daughter sick. Only treat for fever if she is in pain or feeling bad. Children's Motrin is best to get a fever down quickly (but not too fast! No cold baths or you can risk making her have a febrile seizure from quick body temperature changes) Then follow up with tylenol for the next dose. Alternate to keep fevers down.



answers from Cleveland on

I'm glad the fever is down! When our oldest was little, she had a temp. of 105.7 & struggled to get it down. We were told to rotate Tylenol & Motrin every 2 hrs. Also to put her in a tepid bath for 10-20 min. (or if she started to get goosebumps). Good luck! Hope her fever stays down.



answers from St. Cloud on

I always do a luke warm bath as well. WORKS LIKE A CHARM! (We rarely use Tylenol because the bath works so well!)

Next question: No More Fever, Thanks for the Advise.