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Taking Temperature

K.H. asks from Detroit

While in the hospital a couple weeks a go, the nurses took my son's tempersture with a touchless thermometer. Now I want one. Does anyone know where I can get a goo...



T.C. asks from San Francisco

Mamas I need some help! So my son all of the sudden came down with a fever. He refuse to take any liquid meds and if I force him they come right back up, it's not wo...


Sick Baby! High Fever Help!

D.B. asks from Bakersfield

Hi! My 8 month old has had a fever for 4 days. It ranged from 101-104.5 The only thing that breaks it is tylenol or motrin but I don't want to keep drugging him up. I...


Target Brand Diapers Causing Rash?

N.K. asks from Madison

I have been using Target's up&up brand diapers on my toddler for some time now without any problems. I opened a new box a few days ago, and noticed a rash at the back...


Baby Thermometers and Checking for Fever?

E.P. asks from Los Angeles

Can anyone recommend a specific thermometer that they like for babies? Is there a difference between thermometers marketed for babies and those for adults? Is there a...


Temperature Problems

D.T. asks from Los Angeles

Do any other moms out there have a temperature problem in their nursery (and house)? We are renting a house built in 1950 that was partially updated. The nursery has...


Fever and a Snowstorm RANT

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

WHY do kids get sick at the WORST times?? My extreamly healthy 4 year old has been complaining of not feeling good yesterday, by 2pm she had a fever of 102.5. We gav...


My Daughter Has Been Running a Fever...

B.O. asks from Spokane

My almost 1 year old daughter has been running a fever since yesterday afternoon. It is Sat. so when should I be worried. I just took it again today after her nap a...


11 Month Old Has Had Fever for over a Week.

M.A. asks from Miami

My almost one year old has had an ongoing fever the past week. I took her in twice to the pediatrician's office and they've taken blood tests, urine test and checked ...


My 13 Mo. Old Has a Fever of 102 with No Other Symptoms. Is She Sick?

J.S. asks from Fresno

Hello Moms, My daughter has had a fever since last night. IT started out low grade and was easily treated with tylenol. At 5 this morning she had a fever of 102...