Target Brand Diapers Causing Rash?

Updated on August 01, 2013
N.K. asks from Marblehead, MA
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I have been using Target's up&up brand diapers on my toddler for some time now without any problems. I opened a new box a few days ago, and noticed a rash at the back of my son, mostly around his waist where the elastic part of the diaper contacts.
I put on some Aloe Vera gel and switched to Pampers, and it seems to have faded away.
Has anyone has a similar experience? Have they made any recent changes to Target diapers?
Maybe it is something else that caused it but I am afraid to go back to Target brand diapers now, and don't know what to do with the remaining diapers in the big box!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter and nephew both got rashes from Targets Up and Up diapers. It didn't happen right away for my little one... just got worse and worse after about 2 weeks of use... and the only thing that cleared it up was going back to Huggies.



answers from Green Bay on

My son was not able to wear the Target brand diapers. He also had a rash like you described. He does have sensitive skin. Like the others said-you can try to take them back-but making a donation to a local womens shelter is a great idea too! Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

We started using target brand about two weeks ago. We noticed a small amount of diaper rash and just tried to do a better job of airing him out and and using triple paste. Then we opened a new pack of target diapers on Monday and the diaper rash got so much worse. We immediately switched back to pampers and within 12 hours the rash was gone. I will never use target brand again. Yes they are Cheaper but not at the expense of my baby!



answers from Duluth on

Could it be teething or something similar that is messing with him? I know when my son starts to teeth things become more acidic and he tends to get little rashes here and there. They're usually very easy to clear up. We used Target brand for a long time then moved to an area where we're too far away from Target.

I would contact the manufacturer directly if you want to take it up with them. Or you could list them on craigslist and I'm sure someone could use them. I've bought partial packs for 5-10 bucks depending on how much of the pack was remaining.



answers from Iowa City on

Take them back to the store. They should at least be able to give you store credit without your receipt. That definitely sounds like the diapers caused that.



answers from College Station on

Around my area there is a virus like thing going on (nothing major, just a rash and low grade fever) It goes away fine, but one of the girls I work with her son had it and she thought it was diapers. Then my girls got it and we both found out it was a virus thing going on!



answers from Madison on

Not sure if they'll let you, but you could try taking them back and explaining to them that the diapers are causing a rash on your son. If Target won't take them back, try contacting the manufacturer directly to see what they'll do.



answers from New York on

We have that problem...but with Luvs. We use Target brand diapers w/o any problems. Every persons skin is different and will react to different things.



answers from Minneapolis on

My son gets this when his diaper is too tight - maybe using a bigger size would help? Also, this time of year, he gets rashy too from the heat and diapers aren't really breathable...



answers from Duluth on

i cant guarantee it, but i thought my son had a reaction to them as well; they almost look like pimples on the crease of his legs. i am planning on taking him to the doctor (hes due anyway) and asking about it. hes over 3.5 years old so we really only use them for nighttime and if we absolutly have to while traveling, but yeah, its wierd!

as far as figuring out what to do, try the parents choice ones at walmart, my son didnt have any problems with that. and you could try to sell the remainder, or freecycle them! some babies have no trouble with them i dunno.

you could try some baby powder to keep the area dry?



answers from Milwaukee on

What does the rash look like? I have a 9 month old I care for and she uses them as well. We have noticed what looks more like a bumpy reaction rather than your average diaper rash. We thought it was food but nothing has changed. Let me know too please.



answers from Cleveland on

I use Target diapers and love them, but my son has the same reaction to huggies. It happens sometimes. You might have to switch diapers.



answers from Atlanta on

We love Target brand diapers and have never had a rash from them. Most likely it's a heat rash that would be there from any diaper. Make sure you're not taping the diaper too tight around him and put some A&D ointment and maybe a little corn starch there, fold the diaper band down to let it air out, and it should be fine.



answers from Dallas on

Target brand diapers caused my 6 month old ENTIRE bottom to be red after using ONE diaper. It looked like she was sunburnt severely everywhere the diaper touched! I took the entire package (minus the one) back to the store and got my money back. Worst reaction I have seen on a baby, EVER.



answers from Fort Wayne on

It might have just been an irritant. It could have been caused by the diaper, but it could have been something else too. Now that the rash is cleared up, I'd try them again and see what happens. If you notice the area turning red, then stop using them.

He might have just had and itch and scratched it, which caused the skin to get red and irritated. My daughter used to do it all the time around her waistline.



answers from Chicago on

We used to use Luvs for our baby (who is 6m old) and then when I saw Target had the up&up brand of diapers we switched to that and haven't had any problems with either of them. I love the up&up brand diapers! And they are so inexpensive!



answers from Des Moines on

A good place to donate the diapers would be a women's shelter.



answers from Lincoln on

I have been using Target brand for a long time and love them. I haven't noticed any rashes however my daughter tends to get rash like marks along the waistband when she's getting too big for the diaper size. However my daughter isn't sensitive at all to any fabrics, lotions, etc so your child may be more likely to react to changes. I would recommend donating any extra diapers to your local women's shelter. They are always in need of diapers of any size. Local teen mom organizations also need diapers as well as many other non profit groups. Just don't throw them away. May sure they go to someone who needs them. Good luck!



answers from Visalia on

Im a grandmother to my first grand baby. I was babysitting him this weekend and ran out of diapers. My daughter called me and told me to buy the Target brand since that's what she had started using. After the first day I noticed a red mark on the area of the leg band. The next day I noticed he had diaper rash. I have been washing the baby after every diaper change and applying rash cream. It appears on different areas of his bottom. I don't want my daughter to think I was neglecting my precious baby. Then it hit me... I had a feeling it was the Target brand. So I googled it and here I am. I'm not the only one with this concern. Now what do I do with the remaining diapers. I would give them to whoever can use them without reactions to their baby... yes they are pretty diapers but I don't want my baby with this diaper rash... should we contact Target with our concern since we are not the only ones?



answers from Minneapolis on

It's also possible the rash is being caused by the incredibly humid and hot weather we've been having lately. Could have nothing to do with the brand of diapers, especially if you've been using the same brand for some time.

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