Strep- High Fever

Updated on May 08, 2013
R.D. asks from Port Jefferson, NY
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My 7 yr old has strep for the first time. Woke up from a nap w a 104.6 fever. Freaking me out! He started antibiotics today and I did put a call in to the ped. Is this fever normal w strep of way too high? I just gave him Tylenol and Advil together per his pediatrician. He said he doesn't have a sore throat but he complained of a headache earlier and has a cough.How can he not have a sore throat?

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So What Happened?

His fever is down to 100.5 with the meds, so hopefully it will not spike again! Thanks for all of your advice. Everyone makes fun of me for always running my kids to the pediatrician, but you just never know since their symptoms are always so different per child. Hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon. I wonder how many cases of strep are missed from lack of sore throat.

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answers from Honolulu on

Strep... is not a throat cold, only.
It can and does, affect the whole body and other organs.
That is why, it is very dangerous.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes it's normal but that high is not good. Ever two hours give him meds. give him tylenol and then two hours later Advil. It it will not go down take him to the ER.

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answers from Dover on

It is normal. Sometimes it is higher than others and having a headache is typical for both me and my daughter when we have strep. Push the liquids, you can put a cool rag or ice pack on his neck and/or wrists to help cool him too.

What we normally do is alternate between Tylenol and Advil or Motrin...every four hours.

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answers from New York on

Normal. Don't fret. Antibiotics need time to work. He will probably have a temp for a few days. He has a headache from the temp.

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answers from Washington DC on

It is common for my kids to not have a sore throat with strep, but a constant runny nose.

Keep an eye on his temperature, give him room temp washclothes to keep him cool and/or have him take a room temp shower.

Keep a log of when he was given medicine and what his temperature was. Wake him up tonight to check his temp, especially about an hour before the medicine wears off.

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answers from Dallas on

Did he have a strep test? It should go down, not completely, with in 24 hours. If it doesn't, he might have the flu. Be sure to push the fluids.

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answers from Boca Raton on

strep has caused fevers over 105 for my children. give motrin (ibuprofen) rotate with tylenol every 3 hrs. lukewarm bath 2-3 times a day. antibiotics should start kicking within 12 hrs. also, clean door knobs, bathrooms, replace his toothbrush after 48 hrs on antibiotics etc. i mean clean clean clean everything.

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answers from Portland on

Did you put him in a cool bath? has it gone down? you need to get it under 102 for his brain! That is pretty high even for strep from my experience, but I haven't had strep in a few years. The antibiotics should help, but again, if his fever will not go down take him to the ER!!!

Another trick I did with my daughter when her fever was high, was sit her on the porch outside in the cold night air and let her watch a cartoon on my laptop. She LOVED that and it made her fever go down. She was naked and I wrapped her in a very lightweight cotton quilt that felt heavy, but kept her cool.

Good luck to you and your little one!

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter had strep and the only symptom she had was a rash on her belly. She was not sick at all. The only reason I had her tested was because her sister had strep the week before and I saw the rash. I am slightly paranoid about my kids getting PANDAS.

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answers from Dallas on

Our ped always said anything over 103 was dangerous. Try cold compresses and/or rub alcohol on his back. When I had a 103 fever that is what helped to bring it down.
I've had strep about 16 times. I don't always have a sore throat. Has the doc done the strep culture?

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answers from Louisville on

So glad I can get our pedi to give a shot - get the meds working faster! Last time little one had strep, nobody ever knew cause caught it before she got too visibly symptomatic - the breath was the give-away!


answers from Washington DC on

strep can cause different symptoms for different people. My daughter has had strep 5 times since August. Only 1 time she had a fever. All other times only a sore throat and red spots on the roof of her mouth. That's it. Nothing else. But each time she has a positive test.



answers from Miami on

Sometimes strep presents as an upset stomach. My kids don't always have a fever with strep, go figure!

Always ask for a strep test. It's SO important to not let it go. My sister had scarlet fever when she was 5 because she was misdiagnosed. It was very scary...



answers from Grand Forks on

hey mama, my 4 yr old's had a low grade temp since friday, but it was persistant, school called me from work, & both ears were hurting, etc. so yesterday i took him to doctor, no ear infection, just a LITTLE pink in the eardrum on one ear. she decided to test him for strep - POSITIVE! anyway, my boy never said a word about a sore throat, only earache & headache & low grade temp. well, it got up to 103 yesterday. anyway, i'm glad i took him in. we're home today & on motrin & omnicef. :)
hope your boy feels better soon. sounds like it's just going around i guess

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