Family Reunions

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E.F. asks from Casper

I am needing some good ideas for reunion activities with kids. There is about 15 children mostly between 12-2. Any thoughts or ideas of things you would like to try...


Family Reunion

C.M. asks from Houston

I have a family reunion coming up in the beginning of June. We have to do a skit. Any, ideas? Something with children and adults. The children are under the age of ei...


Family Reunion

G.L. asks from Pocatello

Just wondering if anyone has ideas for a family reunion for next summer. It will be for about 100 people. Our reunion usually lasts two or three days since we only ...


Family Reunion

K.N. asks from San Francisco

I am hosting a family reunion at my home in August with approx. 35-40 people. I would love some creative ideas and helpful hints. Everyone lives 6 or more hours away...


Family Reunion

C.B. asks from Dallas

I'm in charge of planning a family reunion for next summer. It will be my parents, siblings/spouses and kids and my mom's brother and sister with their families, for...


Family Reunion

S.E. asks from Philadelphia

My family on my mother's side is getting older and both of my parent's have passed. I would like to re-open the connections with that side of my family. But, and i...


First Family Reunion

S.G. asks from San Diego

Hello MOMs, This is my first time putting together a family reunion. Do you have any game ideas, activities etc..... that you could share. Thanks.


HS Reunion

A.A. asks from Tulsa

My 10 year reunion is coming up this spring, although I'm not really sure where the time has gone. I didn't really love or hate high school, I had my group of friend...


Family Reunion Location Ideas

T.M. asks from Dallas

We are trying to plan a family reunion for about 40 people. We are looking for a location that will allow us to all stay under the same roof and have at least one pri...


Kid Games @ Family Reunion

M.. asks from Appleton

I have been put in charge of the kids games at our family reunion. I have a few ideas, but not enough. Is there anything that you've done at outdoor outtings with the...