Bring Hubby to HS Reunion?

Updated on August 31, 2010
J.V. asks from Wheaton, IL
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I am not sure if I should take hubby to my HS reunion. We got married about 8 months after my 10th, so I went alone to that one. A friend from HS is staying with us that weekend, so she will kind of be my 'date."

Bring hubby or let him babysit the kids instead? (saving us a small fortune as tickets are 75 a person).

Added: I asked my hubby and he says it's totally up to me. I also don't talk to anyone from HS anymore, save for the friend staying with me.

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answers from Chicago on

I brought my husband to my grammar school reunion and he had so much fun he is looking forward to it again this year coming up. So you just never know. If he is leaving it up to you, I think that is a husband's way of saying they aren't that interested but will go. If that's the case it will be you that will do the babysitting. Unless he is really excited and can't wait, too, perhaps he'd feel more comfortable at home.

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answers from Dallas on

Let him babysit the kids. He'll feel like an outcast anyway and you'll have a better time if you don't have to worry about him. If he's anything like my hubby he'll be totally relieved that he doesn't have to go.

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answers from Columbus on

I think you will find most spouses/SOs will be present. Honestly, my husband had even more fun than me at my last reunion. It was a great night out for us.

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answers from Kansas City on

I agree to ask him...what does he want? I'm sure there will be other spouses there and if he's social, he can easily friend someone and probably hang out at the bar while you mingle. Also, what do you want? It depends on both of your social habits, I think. If you want to introduce him to your firends etc. and he's comfortable hanging out while you talk and flit around the room, go for it. If he would feel awkward with that scenario, then maybe leave him at home.

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answers from Davenport on

Does he want to go? My husband would be thrilled if he was on child duty and had to miss any social function. I would just ask him. If he says he doesn't care, leave him home.

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answers from Erie on

My husband is an incredibly social guy and loves to go out. We relish every moment we have away from the kids. If this sounds like you guys, then he should go. But really, if he'd rather stay home, just go with your friend and have a great girls' night out :)

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answers from Tulsa on

Our reunions have family time for adults/couples then have a and greet type time for just the "students". Then there are the family activities. We just pick what we want to go to.



answers from Colorado Springs on

I would take my husband. It's worth the "small fortune" to include your husband. But, honestly, I probably wouldn't go at all because I don't have a relationship with anyone from HS anymore. We did go to our 20th, and it was a total waste of time (we went to the same HS).



answers from Columbus on

I would want my husband to be there, especially if your friends from HS did not meet him yet but I would ask him what he rather do.



answers from Sacramento on

Let him stay home. I went to my 10-year reunion years ago and the spouses were bored out of their minds. Who wants to listen to people talk about the good ol' days that have nothing to do with them? You can certainly ask him, but make it easy to say no.


answers from Austin on

Ask him first and let him know either way you will be fine. Many spouses do not want to go because they do not want to stand around with people they do not know and other spouses love meeting all new people and listening to the old stories.

Our class was extremely close and we are a party, party group all inclusive.. Many spouses say they love our reunions better than their own.. Then I have also witnessed spouses that came and read a book at the first evening of the weekend and we did not see them for the rest of the activities..



answers from New York on

It is polite to ask your husband. My husband gets bent out of shape if I even think about going someplace unescorted. I was single for so long, I'm just accustomed to going places alone. I often forget I have a permanent built in date.

Find out how he feels about it.



answers from San Antonio on

How would you feel if he wanted to go to his reunion without you? I would be hurt. My husband's feelings would be hurt if I made him feel like I didn't want to include him. I look forward to taking him and introducing him to my old friends and my old "me".



answers from Chicago on

I would leave the option up to him. I would also see if any of your friends are bringing their husbands, who may know your husband. My 20th is coming up next year, and I guarantee my husband will chose to stay home, which is fine with me cause I am sure he would be completely bored.

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