Seeking Family Reunion Location W/in 2 Hours of Twin Cities

Updated on July 02, 2008
E. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I'm looking for a family reunion location within a 2-hr drive from the Twin Cities for next summer. I have a big family with lots of cousins who have kids who are coming from all over the country, so we have to find something reasonably priced. (The traditional resorts are too expensive.) Ideally, I'm looking for a place where we can rent 10-15 cabins (depending on the size) close to a lake. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Check out Baker Park Reserve in Maple Plain. They have 8 cabins with 8 beds in each cabin and woodstove and simple accommodations in each cabin available for rent. If you reserve the entire group of cabins, I believe the package includes use of the main lodge on the grounds which features a huge meeting/grand room with simple kitchen facility and big fireplace, plus access to park trails, lake, and you can even book group tours and activities. Groups and families can reserve the spaces by going to

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A couple of years ago my sister had her wedding at the Schwan Center in Trego, WI. It's about 2 and half hours away. They've got a ton of cabins and even a hotel style lodge with hot tubs - there were over 300 guests at my sister's wedding and as it was a "destination" wedding, all guests had traveled (mostly from Bemidji) to stay there. They've since changed the name to Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat. Here is the link to their site:

It was a beautiful location for a wedding and there are a lot of activities in the area that should meet the needs of many. I'm not sure what the rates are, but I believe they offer discounts for large group events.

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try Ruttgers Bay lake Lodge. It is right at 2 hours away. We went there last summer for my Moms 60th birthday and it was a blast. They have cabins right on the Lake and then new 'villas' where you can rent and open the doors between so everyone is together.



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We recently went on a scrapbooking weekend at Bug Beehive Resort in Paynsville, MN. Its only a hour northwest from Minneapolis a little south of St. Cloud. They have large cabins or small ones right on the lake, depending on how many people you're needing it for. They just built a new lodge with a pool and hot tub. The people that own it are SO nice! We stayed in the Octa-bee, Ought-a-bee cabin that slept 12 people each, but its connected and you have 4 kitchens. I think when you divide up the rates between all the families its quite reasonable. Here's their website:

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