Family Reunion - Idaho Falls,ID

Updated on November 02, 2010
G.L. asks from Idaho Falls, ID
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Just wondering if anyone has ideas for a family reunion for next summer. It will be for about 100 people. Our reunion usually lasts two or three days since we only have it every other year and people travel from long distances. We want it in Utah or Idaho. Some people in our family prefer not to camp, so it would have to be have a large logde or cabins. If anyone knows of a place to hold a reunion I would appreciate the ideas.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

My family always wants me to plan it as it doesn't happen unless I do. We have gone to Bear Lake where there are cabins, camping or RVs and plenty to do at the lake. We have also gone to Island Park Id. which is only 90 minutes from Yellowstone and lots to do right there too. There are huge or small cabins that are reasonable for all and the cooler weather and wildlife are great. Check out VRBO for rentals in every size. We also did condos in Park City one year so we had our own space but then swam, ate and did alpine slide together. We also did condos that were 5 bdrms each and shared them with multiple families in Jackson Hole and loved going into Teton Natl. park during the day. We also have some noncampers so we actually have never done the camping thing but when you share a cabin or condo, it is pretty economical. Have fun. We have also done Aspen grove and love it that the food is included and you really relax but it is pricey if you have some people with limits. It can cost a few thousand for a family of 5.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

We had a great family reunion with about that many people in Albion, Idaho just a couple months ago at this place- We loved it, and would definitely do it ago. No camping needed! Make sure and look at the layout of the facility, it was all new appliances and renovations and super nice.



answers from Provo on

I had tons of family reunions in Utah and Idaho all during my growing up years, so I'll just throw a few suggestions at ya. The reunion we had in Aspen Grove, near Sundance (up Provo Canyon in Utah) was one of my favorites. We also had one at a hotel in downtown SLC, one at the dorms of Utah State (no idea how they arranged that, but yeah), a couple of times in Rexburg, some random cabins up by Payette Lake in Idaho (or it might have been Cascade Lake, they're right next to each other--that was my all-time favorite, watching the fireworks over the lake for the 4th of July, white water rafting down the Snake River...awesome), and just a couple years ago we stayed at a hotel in Boise. I don't know if you have a cost limit, but I hope that at least gives you some suggestions!

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