Family Reunions: Preschooler

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4-Year Old Sleepover with Grandparents

Yesterday my husband, two kids, and I went to visit my in-laws an hour away, and toward the end of the visit, it was suggested (without asking my husband or me) that my daughter stay the night, and as we loaded the car to leave, my daughter was upstairs picking out which bed she was going to sleep in. Neither of our kids (4 and 2) have slept over anywhere without us, and I know to some that's strange, but when both my husband and I were young, grandparent or other family sleepovers were done out of necessity, and certainly there was more...


Reunion -- Update

My family is having a reunion this year, and at the time, our baby will be a...


First Family Reunion

Hello MOMs, This is my first time putting together a family reunion. Do you...

Food & Menu

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Info Added - Activities for Family Reunion in Kansas Ciry, MO

I'm trying to come up with some activities for a family reunion next summer. We will be staying at a hotel (downtown) for a few days with most of the family flying in. Last time most of the "activities" involved going to various restaurants or swimming. I'd like to come up with some other ideas. I'm hoping for things we can really do together. I would love to suggest gong to a park and playing kickball of volleyball, but it might be really hot in August. Maybe bowling? What are some fun things we could do together ... besides eat. The...


Family Trip to France

Hi ladies. My husband has a two week work conference in France in June. His...