Family Reunions: Toddler

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Family Reunion Ideas

So I am hosting the family reunion this year. Looking for ideas on themes. I would like to do something easy that allows everyone to participate. Our family is a pretty reserved bunch so it is hard to pick something to get people involved. We usually all bring a dish to pass and items for auction. Planning on having a tree drawn up, then have all family members make the leaves with thumb prints. (this would then be auctioned off) I have been collecting clearance deals so that the kiddos can have their own "auction" also. Any ideas...


First Family Reunion

Hello MOMs, This is my first time putting together a family reunion. Do you...

Reunion Activities

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Kids Games for a Family Reunion

Hello! I just found out that I am in charge of the kids games for our family reunion this Sat...just looking for some different ideas. The kids range in age from 3 yrs to 13ish. We normally do a sack race & water balloon toss. I have a great recipe for homemade bubble solution- that will occupy the younger kids for a while (at least our 3yr old looooves blowing & chasing bubbles)! I thought about baking sugar cookies & letting them decorate them...any good icing recipes? Thanks in advance for your ideas!


Family Reunion Ideas

So I am hosting the family reunion this year. Looking for ideas on themes. ...

Choosing a Location

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Seeking Baby Friendly (Beach) Travel Destination

We have a 9 month old and are in the thinking stages of planning a trip when she is around 16 months or so (maybe around January but are open minded). We would like to go to a beach location, Hawaii?, Mexico?, etc. We would like to travel when it is NOT the peak of tourist or heat season at the destination but we will be comfortable in shorts. Money is not unlimited so we can't go anywhere too pricey. But our main concern is our daughter. We would want a place that is family oriented, where I don't have to worry about her eating the...