Family Reunion Location Ideas

Updated on June 02, 2013
T.M. asks from Plano, TX
7 answers

We are trying to plan a family reunion for about 40 people. We are looking for a location that will allow us to all stay under the same roof and have at least one private (to the family) meeting area. We are spread all over the US so were open to most locations. We were trying to stay close to Arizona but don't have to. Together we have about 8 kids ages 2-8 so it needs to be somewhat kid friendly. The reunion will most likely be in mid-July next year. Do you guys have any suggestions?


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answers from Cleveland on

A decent hotel that you could do a block rate for how ever many people n make sure it has a pool. N get a conference room

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answers from New York on

Well, if you are looking for something indoors, you could try a nice large restaurant that has a party room and just rent out that room. Or, if you would rather do something outdoors, you can find a nice spot in a large national park and you can do a picnic/bbq. Hope this helps :)

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answers from Dallas on

No offense, but Arizona in July? Unless you are planning a mountain retreat I would vote for The Beach!

Find a reasonable hotel on a beach, possibly California. It's a perfect place to congregate with free entertainment all day for the kids. Beach party at night.

If I were you I would peruse TripAdvisor for hotels on the beach in your price range. If you want extra-curricular activities for kids a place like San Diego has Sea World, Lego Land, The Wild Animal Park and the Zoo.



answers from Chicago on

Talk with the family, see where people like to go. EX. When we get the opportunity to go to Canada, we will also go to Niagra falls during the same trip.

I would pick a few hot spots- Smoky mts, Crand Canyon etc.. Pick maybe 5 -6 different location. Then from thier research if you want to do camping, or hotel etc.. and go from there.

Good luck


answers from Washington DC on

Our family reunions for my husband's side are around 60-100 people, depending on location and how many can make it. They always book a few hotels, and then we use one as the "main" one where we will get a conference room.

The first night we order dinner in - either pizza or sandwiches and have an introductory night. This has also been a fish fry in the past.

The second day is at a park and it's normally catered with the style of food for the city we are in.

The last night is normally a chruch service, and if it's not a Sunday, we all go for brunch at a nice restaurant.

Being in AZ, why not head to Cali?


answers from Houston on

Just do not do a Vegas, NYC or other place that will entice family away from the true meaning--a reunion.



answers from New York on

How about Utah. I went to Park City in July for a family reunion and we had a blast. It's hard to believe but there is more to do in the summer than in the winter. Alpine slides, hiking, biking, shopping. And the hotel rates are very low since it's off season. We stayed at the New Park hotel and loved it.

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