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Eye Doctor

E.M. asks from Phoenix

I have terrible eyes but my husband has perfect vision. I started getting severe migraines in middle school which led to contacts. Turned out I had really bad vision...


Can an Eye Doctor Be Wrong?

M.M. asks from Parkersburg

I took my son to an eye doctor here in town because of a slight lazy eye he had developed. She did a full eye exam and told me that his eyes looked fine and he may en...


Eye Doctor

P.E. asks from Dallas

I am looking for an good eye doctor in mckinney area. I would like someone that also has a good selection of frames, it seems you don't see many no matter where you g...



M.L. asks from Cleveland

Hubs took dd for her eye appt. She has been going since birth due to possibility of retinal detachment...she has been having trouble seeing white board at school the...


Just a "Quirk" or Should He Be Seen by the Eye Doctor?

V.K. asks from Minneapolis

I know that you guys aren't doctors and I should really ask my son's doctor about this, but at the moment I am just looking for opinions. My grandmother noticed t...


Seeking an Eye Doctor in Avon, Indy or Brownsburgh Area

A.R. asks from Indianapolis

Hello Ladies, I am looking for an Eye Doctor for my 7 yr-old kid. Last year, I took him to an Eye doctor who told me that he is nearsighted, but he did not need gl...


Seeking Good Pediatric Eye Doctor in Naperville/Aurora/Oswego Area

K.S. asks from Chicago

Having just learned that all children entering Kindergarten next year must have an eye exam, I am looking for a god eye doctor who is used to children to take my son ...


Vision Therapy

T.M. asks from Dallas

Has anyone used vision therapy for their child? I found out today that my 8 year old has some issues going on with his eyes and he wll be getting no line bifocals nex...


20/40 Vision - Are Glasses a Necessity When You're 4?

C. asks from Dallas

I recently took our 4 year old daughter to have her vision tested as part of the regular wellness program recommended by her pediatrician, and was VERY surprised when...


Seeking Good Eye Doctor

J.A. asks from Louisville

Hi, Does anyone have a good eye doctor. We just moved to Louisville and are looking for a good eye doctor that does a good thorough job. I had many eye doctors in...