Need a Good Eye Doctor but Do Not Have Vision Insurance

Updated on March 03, 2008
D.D. asks from Dallas, TX
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I have medical and dental insurance for my family but we do not have vision insurance. My husband and I both need to go to the eye doctor. The last time we went was in 2006 before moving to Dallas. I live in Dallas near Northpark Mall and would like someone close to my home or near Dallas Theological Seminary where my husband attends school. Since he is a full-time student we do not have much money so I am hoping for someone that is not very expensive and has a payment plan.

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So What Happened?

I have an appointment with the Vision Clinic in April. I am thankful for all of the responses and will let you know how it goes. It really fits into our budget - $90 to $100 for the exam and the glasses is great. Thank you so much.

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You might try calling Dallas Services Low Vision Clinic. It's quite near to the seminary. I used to work there. They have a daycare and an optometrist who specializes in patients with vision loss. However, as employees we got to see her (Dr. Fleming) for our vision needs at a discount. They offer a discount to employees and clients of nonprofit organizations so if your husband is a student at the seminary and the seminary is a nonprofit you should qualify. Give them a call and just ask. Tell them your dilemma. They are a nonprofit and want to help the community. Here's their info:

Dallas Services
They are located on Office Parkway off Haskell Avenue near I-75...very close to the seminary.

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I second the reccomendation for the Low Vision Clinic. I have been using them for all of my adult life. They are great. I have a appointment on Thursday. Call soon it will take about 2 weeks for you to get in. It is so worth it!

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This is going to sound odd but try Sears or possibly Target. I have had very good luck with Sears and they don't charge a fortune.

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