Should I Take My Daughter to an Eye Doctor?

Updated on November 08, 2016
G.R. asks from Dallas, TX
7 answers

My 12 year old daughter squints a lot when she's reading things close up and far away so I was wondering if I should take her to an eye doctor.

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So What Happened?

I took my daughter to an eye doctor and she got reading glasses.

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answers from Portland on

You describe all the reasons to take her to an optometrist. I wonder why you hesitate.

Are you financially able to take your daughter for yearly well child appointments? Do you have insurance?

If money is an issue, you can take her to a county clinic. THEY charge using a sliding scale. In Portland, there are clinics for people without insurance. You can find affordable clinics on county Internet site. YOU can find others by googling low cost medical clinics

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answers from Dallas on

She's 12. Have you not been taking her for routine eye checks?

If not, start now. Way late but better late than never.

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answers from Miami on

Why didn't you call an eye doctor already? You can't know why she's squinting until you get her eyes checked.

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answers from Boston on

This is something that you should have discussed with the pediatrician as soon as you noticed it. Your pediatrician probably does annual eye tests but they are very basic. The office can refer you to a reputable eye doctor. In general, you should always discuss medical issues with a trusted physician rather than going to internet sites, even good ones like Mamapedia.

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answers from Boston on


I came home at that age and told my mom that I haven't been able to see what my teacher is writing on the board unless I squinted my eyes.. my mom made an appointment that same week and have worn glasses since.

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answers from San Francisco on

They still do free eye tests at school, right? And what does her DR say, don't they test her there as well?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Why wouldn't you take her every year for an eye exam? Most kids could use a good pair of reading glasses for up close work.

We didn't grow up like kids today are. On the computers and doing so much up close work. Reading glasses make their eyes work less and it keeps them from struggling so much.

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