Eyes & Vision: Infant

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Seeking Good Pediatric Eye Doctor in Naperville/Aurora/Oswego Area

K.S. asks from Chicago

Having just learned that all children entering Kindergarten next year must have an eye exam, I am looking for a god eye doctor who is used to children to take my son ...


20/40 Vision - Are Glasses a Necessity When You're 4?

C. asks from Dallas

I recently took our 4 year old daughter to have her vision tested as part of the regular wellness program recommended by her pediatrician, and was VERY surprised when...


Seeking Eye Doctor

S.N. asks from Dallas

I am looking for an eye doctor in Irving or Coppell. Does anyone have a recommendation?


Baby Vision

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

What month is baby vision considered to be completely developed? Mine is 9 months old. He always responded to me while I talked to him from the kitchen - smiles an...


How Young Is Old Enough for Vision Test for Possible Glasses?

D.P. asks from Chicago

My 21-month old toddler was recently assessed by early intervention due to speech concerns. One of the things the developmental therapist and I discussed was his vis...


When to Take My Baby Boy to the Eye Doctor?

S.D. asks from Houston

At what age should kids have their first eye exam? (This is not including suspect vision problems.) There is nothing wrong with his vision, just curious what you Ma...


In Search of a Dentist and Eye Doctor in the Keller/Grapevine/Southlake Area

F.S. asks from Dallas

Hello! Can anyone recommend a good dentist and/or an eye doctor in the Keller, Grapevine, or Southlake area?


Toddler with Possible Vision Problems...

A.N. asks from Portland

I have recently been noticing my 2 1/2 year old squinting when looking at distant objects. I was wondering if anyone else has children of this age with vision proble...


My 22 M/O Needs Glasses

R.P. asks from Chicago

I feel like crying. My little man is "very far-sighted" and needs glasses. I can't get him to wear a hat in freezing weather. How will I get him to keep on glasses...


Vision Screening: What Age?

L.F. asks from Phoenix

Has anyone had their toddlers eyes checked? If so when? How do they check when the child is able to respond to questions like, "Is this blurry?" ect. My son is a Jap...