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Updated on August 31, 2012
L.S. asks from Chandler, AZ
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Does anyone know of a good pediatric eye doctor? My daughter passed the school eye testing, but she has been complaining of eye pain, seeing colors, moving words and sometimes a slight headache. I have an appointment with Dr. Chad Carlsson, but want to make sure I've made a good choice. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your input. It is much appreciated. I ended up taking my daughter to Carlsson Family & Pediatirc Eye Center since it was one of the only specialists that worked for my health discount program. I want to say my daughter and I had a great experience. Everyone was pleasant and we were seen right away. Turns out my daughter is farsighted with the possiblity of having Convergence Insufficiency. So the plan is to get her reading glasses for now. Dr. Carlsson did mention progressive eyewear, but he did not push it. I felt no pressure to buy her glasses at their office, but decided to at least try on some glasses just in case. We were easily given her prescription in if we decide to purchase elsewhere. I would recommend Dr. Carlsson to anyone who looking for eye axams for the family.

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Thanks for sharing this question! I think the eye doctor is a good idea for anyone. No matter what age. You don't want your eye sight to go bad from the beginning. My <a href=";&gt;optometrist mesa az</a> has given so many tips that have been so helpful. Thanks for sharing!



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I have heard wonders about Dr. Salevitz and Underhal with Pediatric Eye Specialists, but has anyone else experienced what I would call the WORST and most RUDE appointment scheduling and front desk in the history of pediatric specialists? Good grief! I would love to get my child in to see one of these doctors, but with the few phone calls I have made, I just can't get past the unfriendliness of the staff...that is, once they answer the phone! 20 minutes on hold to make an appointment?! Soo...if anyone has a secret way to get this staff to work with me to make an appointment, please let me know. I even asked my pediatrician if they would call and make the appointment and they said "yeah, we've heard about them..."



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I also took my son to Dr. Salivitz. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. He was great with my (then) three year old. We went to him b/c he had something in his eye that would not come out. While we were there I mentioned something weird my son's eyes did when he was tired and he completely took me seriously "because I am the mom" and followed up every few months for almost a year to keep watch. He was always on time for appointments and his staff was so friendly. His practice did not at the time sell glasses, so I knew that my child's eye health was there one and only concern. I would go back to him if my children ever needed an opthamologist again.
Hope this helps and good luck.



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Hi L.,
I took my 6 yr. old son to Carlsson Pediatric Eye Center, after he failed his eye test at school. We took him there thinking that because it was a "pediatric" eye center that it was going to be the best. Well once we got his new glasses they were progressive, bifocals and he instantly got headaches and complained of the glasses constantly falling off his face. So I called the office to find out what we can do because I felt that he may have 1.) gotten the wrong prescription, it was too strong and 2.) the glasses the lady helped us pick for him were too big on his face...they did not look that big when we picked them out but the ones he did get fit my face. So anyhow when I called to talk to them about this all the lady that answered the phone said was how much experience she had and that there was nothing wrong with his glasses. I was not satisfied with that because he was struggling with those glasses and did not want to wear them because of the difficulty he was having with them, which made it harder on his dad and I to get him accustomed to wearing his glasses. Finally I had enough and we took him to the Target optical on Gilbert & Germann for a second opinion to find out that he did not need that strong of a prescription or bifocals for that matter. So I would not recommend Carlsson Pediatric Eye Center...Target worked out great for us plus they have a program called the Kids Care (or something of that nature) so if your child damages or breaks their glasses (which happened to us 3 times) you pay 50% of the original price of the glasses. The doctor there was great and so were the people working at the front desk.

Good luck! Let us know how everything goes.



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There is an eye therapist in Scottsdale that does absolute wonders with this kind of thing. I have a friend who has been to them several times when no other eye doctor could find out what was wrong. Unfortunately, I do not know her name, but she is an eye THERAPIST, so you could try to look up under that category. If you can't find her, though, leave me a message and I will get in contact with my friend and find out the name for you.



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I have used Dr. Mark Salevitz and absolutely loved him. Here is his website:

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