Eyes & Vision: Older Child

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Eye Doctor That Is Good with Kids

A.F. asks from San Francisco

Figured out that my 6 YO doesn't see so well. Does any one have a recommendation for a Eye doctor in San Jose tht is good with kids?..Almaden Branham area? Thanks



M.L. asks from Cleveland

Hubs took dd for her eye appt. She has been going since birth due to possibility of retinal detachment...she has been having trouble seeing white board at school the...


Seeking an Eye Doctor in Avon, Indy or Brownsburgh Area

A.R. asks from Indianapolis

Hello Ladies, I am looking for an Eye Doctor for my 7 yr-old kid. Last year, I took him to an Eye doctor who told me that he is nearsighted, but he did not need gl...


Vision Therapy

T.M. asks from Dallas

Has anyone used vision therapy for their child? I found out today that my 8 year old has some issues going on with his eyes and he wll be getting no line bifocals nex...


Vision Test

T.D. asks from Boston

Hi Everyone! I took my 8 year old daughter for a professional eye exam because she had a hard time with the school eye exam. Turns out that she has perfec...


Vision Therapy

K.K. asks from Bakersfield

Has anyone used vision therapy to help with a childs academic problems? My sons teacher has suggested dyslexia however, I do not fully agree. I do on the other hand b...


Bed Time for a 10 Year Old

S.W. asks from Minneapolis

I am just wondering what time you put your 10 year old to bed. She currently goes to be around 8:00 but she thinks she should be able to stay up later. I put my 8 y...


Kids & Glasses

B.H. asks from Dallas

Hi All. I just found out that my 11 year old son needs to wear glasses. BIFOCALS no less. I feel like a terrible mother - for the past few years his teachers and I...


In Search of a Dentist and Eye Doctor in the Keller/Grapevine/Southlake Area

F.S. asks from Dallas

Hello! Can anyone recommend a good dentist and/or an eye doctor in the Keller, Grapevine, or Southlake area?


!St Grader Needing Eye Doctor

M.V. asks from Chicago

My 6 yo daughter needs to see an eye doctor according to her school. I'm not sure I'm comfortable taking her to Lenscrafters (where I go for my eyes). Does anyone h...