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Phone Service - Land Line Phones vs Cell Phones

L.B. asks from Grand Rapids

What does everyone think about getting rid of land-line phones and just having cell phones? My husband threw this question out at me the other day and I couldn't thin...


At What Age Do You Allow Facebook

T.B. asks from Des Moines

My daughter is 10 and has been bugging me to get a facebook page. I told her that they do not allow anyone under the age of 13 so she can get one at 13. She argued ...


Talk & Text Only Cell Phone for Under $50 a Month - Does It Exist?

H.G. asks from New York

Does anyone know of or own a cell phone with a FULL KEYBOARD where you pay less than $50 per month for a talk & text plan? I have Verizon and although I like my plan...


Kids and Cell Phones

M.A. asks from New York

Ok. Mama's .. What are everyones thoughts and opinions on what age a child should receive their first cell phone? thanks!


Would You Drive 7 Hours One-way by Yourself with No Cell Phone?

L.D. asks from Minneapolis

Just curious. I was put in a work situation recently where my co-driver suddenly couldn't take the trip with me at the last minute. We had 20 people waiting for us to...


Looking for Cell Phone Service with Cheap phones...or a Cheap Landline

K.H. asks from Dallas

okay so when we moved here my sister gave us a cell phone for christmas. so we are on their plan, but we pay them monthly for our part. well long story short even t...


Cell Phone During the Movie - Vent!

F.H. asks from Phoenix

Ok, I just got home from seeing a movie with hubby and the kids. The lady in the row in front of us and to the side must have checked her cell at least 15 times duri...



L.N. asks from Portland

I am going to let my daughter (almost 12) have a facebook. My question is should I know her password and have access to her chats and what not, or should I let her ha...


Looking for a Good and Reasonably Priced Cell Phone Provider.....

E.H. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a good and affordable cell phone provider. I need as many minutes as possible for the least amount of money and a provider that is reliable. Please o...



M.F. asks from Los Angeles

Just a quick question........ Do you Moms have a problem with your Husband having a Facebook? I didn't untill now. It's a long story to tell you all why. I was just w...