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3 Year Old Will Only Wear the Same Clothes over and over...big Fights!

L.V. asks from New London

I have a 3 year old daughter who has always preferred to be in her underwear only. Now that we are entering the colder weather, the struggles to get dressed in the m...


When Does It Get Easier? 6 Week Old Baby and 4 Year Old and Little to No Sleep

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 6 week old baby and a 4 year old. The baby hasn't ever slept for more than a 3 hour stretch at a time (I breastfeed), and the last few nights has been sleepi...


Help, My 3 Year Old Beats up the Baby!

M.F. asks from San Francisco

My 3 year old daughter is always trying to hurt her 8 month old brother. She'll slap him, lay on top of him, poke him in the eye,etc. When I ask her why she very swee...


Need Advice on Potty Training 4 Year Old - UGH!

K.C. asks from Dallas

So my daughter was almost completely potty trained and took pride in "going" until I got pregnant last summer. Our twin boys came 15 weeks early and were in the NICU...


Diaper Rash

T.S. asks from Phoenix

I have a one month old that has had a diaper rash since he was 3 days old. I tried every cream, ointment and balm known to the drugstore world and the rash just got ...


4 Year Old Peeing His Pants

J.W. asks from Harrisburg

Hi everyone. My son just turned 4 last month. He has been pottytrained during the day for over a year now (took him a little bit). He is not potty trained at night bu...


Potty Training....3 Year Old with a Severe Language Delay...

A.G. asks from Provo

I have a 3 year old (as of february) who has a severe language delay - that being said, he does frequently impress me with how smart he is. However...when it comes t...


3 -Year-old Won't Potty-train

J.O. asks from Detroit

Back in winter, other moms smiled and said OF COURSE my son would be potty-trained by summer. Now it's nearly summer and I feel bad getting money back for his presch...


Starting to Potty Train Language Delayed 3 Year Old This Sat

I.S. asks from Phoenix

This Weekend we are going to put our 3 year old in to big boy underwear. and just go from there. The main obstacle we have is that he still doesn't talk to us too mu...


Don't Know What to Do About My 3 Year Old Daughters Bad Behavior

M.H. asks from Los Angeles

Hi I really need some help I just don't know what I can do, my daughter who is 3 years old, will be 4 in November, is just out of control, I don't know if its because...