Cloth Diaper Options in Cambridge

Updated on March 07, 2008
D.A. asks from Cambridge, MA
4 answers

Wondering what is out there for cloth diaper services in Cambridge.

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Hi D.,

I used a cloth diaper service for my three girls. They are out of Deerfield and when I used them, they serviced Cambridge on Tuesdays. The name of the company is "Changing Habits" and the owner's name is Donna. The website

Good luck, and congratulations!

Also, have you heard of gdiapers? If not, they are flushable, eco friendly, no purfumes or bleach.




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I looked into diaper services in the Arlinton/Somerville area a year ago, and there weren't any. I did cloth diaper full time until my son was 4 months. We have used cloth diapers at home and have just about every type there is. Some work well for a particular age, situation (night/not-bulky) etc. I would be happy to show you what we have and explain what worked well and why. I can also share some laundering tips. At this point we don't have a single diaper with any stains, so it seems to be going pretty well.




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We found cleaning diapers at home to be really painless (we have a washer/dryer - if you need to use a laundromat that may be a different story). We tried a number of different types of diapers, but prowrap classic and prefolds were the most durable, convenient and easy to clean for our son, who is now 27mos (and in cloth since birth). You can get a good prices and selection, as well as some cleaning care ideas from Nikki's diapers ( and general advice from diaperpin (



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There is no cloth diaper services. The only one I know of is out in Deerfield. There used to be one in Milton but has since closed years ago. You can try to learn about cloth diapers and which one is the right one for you.
Good Luck!

E. P.

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