JFF: What Have Your Children Eaten

Updated on June 24, 2011
S.K. asks from Castle Rock, CO
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Here is my post about the woman who's baby ate bird poop. It made me remember all the gross things my kids have eaten. First was a wet gooey gummy bear off the rec center swimming pool bathroom floor. Then when my son was almost one there was this little boy who vomited at daycare and my son decided to have himself a taste. I found kitty litter in my sons diaper, dr said as long as it wasnt the clumping kind he shoudl be fine which he is. I am a HUGE germaphobe and leave it up to my kids to eat the nastiest things that make me cringe and want to wash them inside and out

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answers from Washington DC on

I'll start - BIRD POOP!

Also, I have been told that when I was a toddler I ate a whole stick of butter. My brother, I am told, ate a cockroach. So foul...

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answers from Seattle on

Face down on the sidewalk scraping gum up with teeth.

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answers from Houston on

my oldest took a piece of her own poop and tried it (6 months old). she never did it again, i was gagging when i discovered that this was the case.

My youngest ate a june bug, and a piece of gum stuck under the table at a dennys. ewwwwwwww. I was able to retrieve only a june bug wing, but i got the whole piece of gum.

These next two were unintentional but my oldest was playing on the floor with my youngest, she got a mouthful of baby vomit once.........i couldnt stop laughing, eventually my oldest was laughing too after being mad at me for laughing, then at the water park the other day, that same daughter got pooped on, on her nose and her mouth by a low flying bird.

Again i couldnt stop laughing, it was so difficult!

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answers from St. Louis on

Why haven't my kids eaten anything weird?! What is wrong with them?!

I'm serious. I cannot think of one thing! BORING!!

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answers from Lynchburg on


We 'had' an indoor bunny...until one of the toddlers at the time asked if 'those' were raisins! We built an out door hutch soon after....

I am told that when I was a toddler, I drank several bottles of my mom's best perfume...the scent gave me away...as well as my 'wobbly walk'...perfume has alcohol...lol...Now my preference is a nice white zinfandel!! (cheaper too!!)


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answers from Richmond on

Like I said, my kids have eaten attic insulation, excedrine migraine, dog food, toilet water (so THAT'S how they learn to use a spoon!)

And of course, there was the notorious 'my 9 month old just ate a FISH HOOK'. Through the upper palate out the upper gum, right between his teeth.

Fun times :)

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answers from Cincinnati on

IMO I can top it all--Dog Poop!! lol

When my son was around 8 months, he was just starting to crawl and we went to visit my husbands parents. They have a small dog and are TERRIBLE about not house training there pets. So, the dog had apparently pooped on the floor and my son was the first one to find it! He ate some and started crying and when I realized what it was I FREAKED out lol. Im kinda crazy when it comes to germs. I still cringe when I think about it. I can laugh about it now, but it was like a nightmare when it happened!! Luckily the dog was all up to date on its shots!

My son (obviously my more adventurous kid!) also ate Floam once when he was about one. He pooped out tiny styrofoam balls for days...Yuck.


answers from Bloomington on

My oldest ate a dead fly when he was little. My youngest is much more adventurous and is still in the eat anything stage! He's eaten bugs, sand, dirt, rocks, sticks... But rocks and dirt are his favorite. I swear he does it everytime we go outside! My oldest will say, "Mommy, where did Luke get chocolate?" Yeah, it's not chocolate, it's mud!



answers from Chicago on

Ewww!! LOL some of these answers are sooo gross! hahaha. My daughter has swallowed a dime, my baby has eaten dry cat food, oh and the same daughter has eaten play doh/clay.
The dog poop one is gross!!! lol



answers from Honolulu on

I guess I am in the minority- my kids have never eaten gross stuff. Besides drinking bath water.
I just showed my daughter this post and she said "EWWWW!"



answers from Chicago on

My son has put dog food in his mouth, and he also lets the dog lick him IN the mouth. Yuck! But the grossest (is that a word?) was when I caught him trying to drink out of the dog's water bowl (and yes, it was by lowering his head and licking the water like a dog!).

A few weeks ago at the playground he found a discarded piece of slimy banana and a few goldfish crackers on the ground and very nearly ate them. I was right there and swatted it out of his hand, phew!!

I definitely wouldn't put it past him to eat bugs or other weird things. He did pick up a piece of dried dog poop once, but didn't put in his mouth thank God.

I'll never forget this time when I was about 3 or 4 years old and my sister was just a baby. We were sleeping over at my grandma's, and I woke up and went to look at her in her crib. She had taken off her diaper and there was poop everywhere, including in her mouth! I went running to tell my mom and grandma that she was eating her poop. To this day I don't think I've seen my mom move that fast!



answers from Houston on

Mine chewed dads shoe, which he had left by the back door, so he could clean off the DOG POO he had stepped in. Yes he ate dog poo. I was not happy with my husband!


answers from Dover on

My daughter once drank some peppermint oil. She was tiny, maybe 18 months old & a good friend of mine was over with all of her all natural stuff to do a facial & hair masque for me. Well, apparently this bottle was still open, but was up on the counter which no 18 month old should be able to reach, however she used her amazing strength combined with her monkey toes & climbed up the drawer pulls to get the bottle while I was in the bathroom rinsing out my hair. She never cried or anything, but when she came up to snuggle me I could smell it on her--minty fresh, haha!--& after calling poison control was told if it was under an ounce, which is was, not to worry about it.



answers from Los Angeles on

lets see... My middle one ate sand at the beach, potting soil, paint chips (which thankfully probably didn't have any lead in it because it was a newer home, but he got tested for lead three times for the tasting the stuff anyways!) nothing too horrible bad though.

I think the worst story in our family was when my youngest brother was about 2yo and was at the church nursery during services and found the resident cricket that had been there for a number of months. They knew he ate it because the antenna were still sticking out of his mouth!! and of course there were no more cricket chirps after that! ewwwie!


answers from Spokane on

My oldest used to suck on rocks ~ he would find little pebbles and put them in his mouth and walk around with them, but never swallowed them. I was always telling him "it's not ok to eat rocks, spit them out" and he would spit them in my hand. One day our goats got out and one had pooped it's little pebbles on the driveway area and my son thought they were rocks so he grabbed a handful and in the mouth they went. YUCK!

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