Diaper Service in SLP Area?

Updated on March 24, 2009
M.S. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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We really want to try and make cloth diapering work, but with both of us working FT we're realistic about our time. I've looked all over for a diaper service that serves St Louis Park but haven't had any luck. I called Cheek to Cheek (didn't hear back) but heard recently they're going out of business. Any ideas or past experiences?

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So What Happened?

I tried calling Cheek to Cheek again with no response. I heard from another that they are going out of business. I've searched but doesn't look like there are any other diaper services in the metro area. We're going to try cloth on our own, possibly with disposable inserts, and see how we do. If anyone hears of any other diaper service options let me know.

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I had a diaper service for a short time almost 8 years ago when my first son was born. I think it might have been Cheek to Cheek, although I'm not sure. To be honest we found that collecting the diapers and getting them out to the porch was just about as much work as dumping them in the washing machine, and it was far cheaper to wash them ourselves. We also found that it was hard to keep the number of diapers constant, since they base the number of diapers you receive on how many you turned in the last week. Sometimes it just got off, because maybe we were going out a lot one week and ended up using fewer cloth diapers, then we would get less the next week and then it would be hard to get back on track with the number we needed.

So we just ended up washing them ourselves, and it's really very easy - especially when you have a newborn, and there's no poop to flush. We're doing it again with our 9 month old now, and did the same routine with our daughter, who is now 5.

We just collect them in a dry diaper pail in the bathroom, bring them downstairs to the washer every other day (less often if you have more diapers) and run a cold wash, then a hot wash after that, and them throw them in the dryer. Our covers and our diapers run in the same load. We use the MotherEase diapers and really really love them. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message.



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I have heard that lots of diaper services are going out of business. It's too bad, because cloth diapers are really nice. We used/use kissaluvs for both our girls. If you are really committed to it, I just want to give you some support. We did not have a service, and found that washing diapers wasn't that big of a deal. We washed every other day. First a cold wash then hot with 1/4 cup of vinegar, then in the dryer (stained ones went on the wash line- the sun gets it out). We would do it while we ate dinner at night or watched TV. I loved the cloth diapers! It's harder now, with two kids, but I still use them 50% of the time. Good luck and YIPPEE on your first baby!



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Try Dogood diapers. It's the new area service.



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hi M.,
i live in south mpls and i do use the cheek to cheek diaper service. i've heard nothing of them going out of buisness, she did raise the price a tiny bit due to gas prices. she's very reliable with deliveries...not too friendly...but she's there every week on time. i leave the dirty ones out and she drops the clean ones off. another thing is that i think she's the only service around. try calling back again, she hasn't returned my calls in the past either. i really do love using the cloth diapers! good luck! enjoy being pregnant and that new little baby!

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