Diaper Service V. Disposable Diapers

Updated on March 10, 2010
M.C. asks from Ann Arbor, MI
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Hi Moms,

I need opinions on diaper serivce. I have always used disposable diapers. I now have a 6 month old and another mom I know recommended a diaper service. The service costs $25 per week, but the thing that is really making me consider this and I have researched it, is that most children who wear cloth diapers are potty trained around 18 months, so in the long run, it's a huge savings. Have any of you ever went from disposables to cloth diaper service? I really don't want to buy my own cloth diapers and have to clean them, honestly, I think it's just too much work, that's why I want the diaper service. Or, should I just forget it and stick with the disposables? I am clueless about cloth diapers, so I'm kind of debating this issue and want to hear from those of you who switched from disposables to a diaper service.


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answers from Washington DC on

I would consider a trial of the diaper service. Personally, we use a combo of disposables and cloth and use what's called an "all in one" which I think is what the other responder is alluding to. The upfront cost was a little pricey, but if you compare it to buying big boxes of diapers, they quickly paid off. You can also buy sample packs or buy just one or two to try before investing in a full set. They are easy to wash and maintain at home.



answers from Norfolk on

I wouldn't bet on the 18 month potty training although my twins aren't two yet and they are trained. However, I loved the cloth diapers. They were easier than I thought they would be and I felt good about it. With a diaper service you can try it out for a month and see what you think - its not like you have to make a major investment to get started. You might even find you just want to buy your own (my diapers are super easy stuff and velcro - more like disposables than the ones offered by diaper services).



answers from Detroit on

I started my daughter in disposable. Then once my work cut me to part time and I was able to work from home I switched to cloth. I have the Bum Genius 3.0 One-Size. They are really not as much work as you think! They clean super easy. I have had them a year now and there is not one single stain on them and they don't stink. I would highly suggest you at least try them out. I only have 15 of them and i wash them every other day. I don't mind laundry but if you do you could get enough to wash every 3 days. I think I originally bought 3 or 6 to just try them. When you think about it the diaper service is more expensive than disposables. $25/week, that's $100/mth! Depending on how many diapers you go through I was buying the big case at Costco for $40 and that lasted me a month or so (if I remember correctly).



answers from Detroit on

I didn't even know there were any diaper services around still! Just a suggestion- if you stick with disposables, please consider the Seventh Generation organic diapers- they do not have chemicals sprayed on them like the Pampers, etc. I am a grandmother of 5 and it doesn't make sense to wrap chemical-filled paper on a baby's genitals for 2 years- we are seeing too many weird fertility problems later in life. You can order diapers by the case at diapers.com. Also, the new microfiber cloth diapers are really nice- my daughter uses Bum Genius for her baby and loves them. Best Wishes.



answers from Lansing on

i started cloth diapering when my son was 6 months old and loved it. they are easier than what you really think they are. i know i was shocked by how easy it was. check out zbeardiapers.com, she is local so you can talk to her and go to her showroom and see the diapers before you buy. i used all one size diapers (5-35 lbs) and loved them. they do have more than those. i just found them to be the easiest for me. i feel if you use a diaper service your really not saving any money since you would be paying the diaper service still, but if you wash then yourself you would save money. check out craigslist that is where i bought some of my diapers and thats were i sold all my diapers. good luck



answers from Detroit on

I do part time cloth, part time disposable. I don't have a diaper service, but be sure to double check - I have heard that some services only take prefold diapers with covers (I have a variety of cloth, so this wouldn't work for me).

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