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Updated on May 10, 2010
T.C. asks from Aubrey, TX
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I am looking into starting my own business and am looking for some ideas. I'd like to focus on the things mommies want/ need. There will always be pregnant women and babies around! So when I was pregnant I was trying to find cloth diaper companies to explore the all natural way and had the hardest time. All i could find were companies that offered services to drop off and pick up diapers and they were expensive. So I wish I would have had more options. Anyone have a need/want but not have enough options when it came to pregnancy or baby items?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If you can figure out how to bottle "peace and quiet" you will be a millionaire in no time! :-) Good luck to your new venture!

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answers from Pocatello on

Good nursing bras. Smaller sized maternity pants! I have the hardest time finding pants that fit while I'm pregnant. I am small and where size 0 pants so when I'm pregnant and the size charts say buy the size small pregnancy pants for a pre-pregnancy size of a 2 or 4 they don't fit me at all. They are bagging until my 9th month of pregnancy! it is awful I have the hardest time finding pants! Or baby/toddler cloths I always have a hard time finding just sold color shirts. Not oneies but shirts. Like if my girls get some funky, cute flower pants I have a hard time finding just a plan pink, yellow or white shirts to balance out the all the colors on bottom. Or if it's just not warm enough for my daughters to wear their sundresses but it's too warm to put a long sleeve shrug I would like to just put a plan white shirt on underneath the dress.



answers from New York on

What I wanted when I was pregnant was clothes that fit. Maternity clothes seem to only fit the last month or 2. There's nothing good for that in-between stage. That's why everyone looks fat not pregnant. You need tops that will fit your breasts that won't look like a mumu on the rest of you. Pants you can get away with the rubber band expansion system for awhile but tops are really hard. And maternity clothes are so expensive! So, you need a graduated clothing system or a maternity clothing rental store. Anything to help solve this dilemna



answers from Indianapolis on

Are you still interested in cloth diapers? I suggest you go to www.toastybabies.com and contact Renee. She and her husband started a cloth diaper company out of their home which has grown so much in 3 years that they have hired extra people and started a diapering service as well as the sales they started with.

If you want to PM me, I can probably put you in touch with her. She's busy, but I'm guessing she'd be willing to talk to you about how they started:)



answers from Dayton on

What I have wanted to do and what I thought would be a brilliant idea was to start a business that catered to the homes of pregnant moms and moms who had just had their babies. I mean real catering with food, not doting on.

Lots of moms have churches, mom's groups, families that do this, but many more don't. To be ginormously pregnant, or on bedrest, or to come home from the hospital all stitched up and feeling like someone drove a MAC truck through your netherparts and have to figure out what to feed people or pay the outrageous expense of eating out everyday is overwhelming. You aren't sleeping, aren't moving well, and there are many days where a shower is a treat. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pull something from the freezer and heat it up or have it delivered hot and to your door? And it would still be cheaper than eating out.

I came up with this idea when my bf had her 2nd child. Her mom and me group each made a dish and dropped it by, which in itself was really sweet. The problem was that, I guess, no one communicated with each other first. As a result, my friend had 10 lasagnas. I'm not exagerating. Ten. Meat lasagna, veggie lasagna, lasagna florentine, lasagna roll ups. It was hysterical! So with the third I just had them give me the money, spent two days cooking and froze them two weeks worth of meals. They called me at least 7 times in those two weeks to thank me. It made a world of difference. I think that would be an awesome and well received idea.



answers from Detroit on

Good supportive bras for pregnancy and nursing.

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