Diaper Disposal: Preschooler

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Diaper Pail Recommendations?

We currently use the Safety First Odorless Diaper Pail. That pail was okay at first for keeping in the smell, but lately, it hasn't been doing it's job. We have changed it's disk (that makes it fresh) and it doesn't seem to help. My son has been on solid foods for almost a year now so I don't think it's stronger smelling movements (or could it be?). Has anyone had luck with any of the other diaper pails out there? My son's room is right off the kitchen so we really need as close to odorless pail as we can get. We've also tried air...

Diaper Services

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3 Year Old Will Only Wear the Same Clothes over and over...big Fights!

I have a 3 year old daughter who has always preferred to be in her underwear only. Now that we are entering the colder weather, the struggles to get dressed in the morning have escalated and it has become an all-out battle to get to preschool and work on time. She has favored a couple of skirts and shirts for the duration of the summer, and if I present these to her, she will happily comply, but now that I am presenting pants (always favoring tagless, zipperless, loose and soft over tight, stiff and constrictive) and socks (no seam across...