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4 Year Old Refusing Preschool

M.T. asks from Columbus

My 4 year old is suddenly refusing to go to her preschool. My question is: should I make my daugther go? Background: this is her first time at preschool, because of...


Body Odor on My 4-Year-old

C.L. asks from Dallas

My 4-year-old has body odor! The girl should probably wear deodorant; although, I haven't gone that route just yet. Has anyone else dealt with this? A good washing u...


4 Year Old ! NIGHTMARE!!! HELP!!

M.T. asks from Denver

My future husband & I blended our family's almost a year ago & everything was great..until his 4 year old daughter started acting out..LONG STORY, she acts out when I...


4-Year Old Never Plays on His Own

D.S. asks from El Paso

Hi, my 4-year old son, almost 5 in April hardly ever plays on his own. He constantly wants to play with me but I don't always have time to play. I try to make time fo...


Hyper 4 Year Old

J.L. asks from Chicago

My 4 year old daughter is so hyper at times and I'm starting to loose my patience with her. I'm always telling her to calm down, stop running, ect... what makes it wo...


How to Get Lazy 4 Year Old Out of Bed for Preschool

S.T. asks from Santa Fe

My son recently started preschool. He has always been a good sleeper, but a very bad waker. He is extremely grumpy when he is woken up and he likes to sleep in on occ...


Almost 4 Year Old NEVER Stops Talking in the Car!

K.M. asks from Denver

Hi Mamas, my almost 4 year old son will never stop talking to me in the car. This is turning into a huge problem for me. We live up in the mountains and I commute a...


Child Behind on Development

S.T. asks from Phoenix

Ok, so the daycare my son goes to they want to stick him back in the 2yr old because hes not potty trained. Can they do that even if he is behind on his development l...


Advice Needed for 4 Year Old Who Has "Discovered" Herself.

J.B. asks from Tucson

Recently I have caught my 4 year old putting toys in her pants and "discovering" herself. I am unsure of how to handle this, normally I get upset and make her throw t...


4 Year Old Boys Developement

L.W. asks from Atlanta

So what does/can your 4 year old son do? Can he write letters in the alphabet? Write his name? Ride a bike? Sports? Math? Spell?Just trying to see where my little gu...