Coping with Death: Preschooler

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I Have a Funeral

I have a funeral to attend this week at 10 am and don't have a babysitter. Is it appropriate to bring my 3 year old to attend with me? Its a 1 hour and half drive to get there. They are have a ceremony and lunch afterwards... I just want to know I don't want to offend anyone! Thank you


Unruly 3 Year Old

I wrote a couple of weeks ago and i really need some advise. My 3 year old...


Skipping a Funeral?

My grandmother recently passed away and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able...

Pet Loss

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Death of a Pet

How do/ did you help your child with the death of your pet? My 4 y/o is still asking for our cat to come sleep (he started to be her companion once out oldest went to college) with her and my oldest wants to bring another kitten into the house but I am not willing to do this since she will be going back to college in the fall which equates to me taking care of it. We allowed our 4 y/o to snuggle with us for 5 min last night then made her go back to bed. you'd think that the 18 y/o would be better adjusted but she also is having a hard time...


The Death of a Pet

How do you tell children that their pet(cat) is child is 5...


Death of Pet

We are in the process of finding out our dog may have cancer. In order to...