Colic: Miracle Blanket

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My Baby Has Colic

Hey guys, I have a 5 week old with colic. I am breastfeeding him, and have tried taking out dairy, spicy foods, raw veggies and caffine. Nothing has helped. I have tried gas drops and that doesn't do anything either. He is on medication and it helps with his acid reflux... but he is still so irritable at night. He is very fussy at night, I have heard that there is nothing you can do about colic... we have started a routine with a bath at night to try to calm him... I have also heard something about the miracle blanket, do you know anything...


What Is Colic?

My 7 week old daughter might be colic. This is my first and I hear different...


Could It Be Colic?

My daughter would always get fussy between the hours of 6p and 8 pm...but...


Is This Colic?

My daughter is 2 months old and has recently become very fussy especially in...