Colic: Benadryl

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Nervous About Giving 6 Month Old Benadryl

Hi ladies, My six month old has been up with a stuffy nose and coughing for the past two nights. The doctor says she has a viral illness (no ear infection, nothing with the lungs) and suggested we use Benadryl to relieve her symptoms. We want to keep trying what we have been doing (running the humidifier, going into a steamed bathroom, maybe try sleeping in a car seat or with her head elevated, saline drops) before trying the benadryl. Not that I am against medicines, but I am nervous about giving this to her unless she is really...


What Is Colic?

My 7 week old daughter might be colic. This is my first and I hear different...


Could It Be Colic?

My daughter would always get fussy between the hours of 6p and 8 pm...but...


Is This Colic?

My daughter is 2 months old and has recently become very fussy especially in...