Dairy and Colic

Updated on November 23, 2015
C.B. asks from San Anselmo, CA
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I have been on a dairy free diet because of my baby's colic. He became a different child 3 weeks after I quit dairy. He is almost 3 months now and I plan to breastfeed him until at least he is a year-old. I am wondering when I should begin to including dairy back in my diet. Is it ok to begin while I am still breastfeeding? Or should I wait?

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answers from Boston on

Yes, you can use dairy. However, if you see that he is becoming colicky start babies magic tea. I am using this tea for my child with great success. You also drink this organic tea and pass its effects through your milk supply.



answers from San Francisco on

Typically it's the lactose they have a hard time with so if you want to try it.. you can go for yogurt. From what i understand Colic isn't a permanent condition. He should be coming out of it between 4-6 months!


answers from Fresno on

I've heard that people who have a hard time digesting milk have a much easier time drinking raw milk. I'm not sure if it would translate to a breastfed child, but maybe it's worth trying raw milk and seeing if that has the same effect as regular milk? I know the pasteurization process causes histamines to be released into the milk - not an issue for most people, but to dairy-sensitive people it can make a huge difference. Our family has been drinking raw milk for a while now and we love it!



answers from San Francisco on

My family became totally dairy-free when my oldest was 7 weeks old~~~the transformation when I stopped all dairy was a miracle! It was one of the proteins in dairy that caused all our problems (mine and the kids). Now at 20 my oldest is able to have very minute amounts of dairy, my 17 year old has no signs of the allergy any more (but still did until almost 12), my 14 year old is able to have small amounts and my almost 10 year old is still completely off... as I am also! He shows immediate asthma symptoms if we accidentally get a bit of dairy.

I would wait at least until your little one is over 9 months. My ped recommended we wait until at least 1 year before I reintroduced dairy to my own diet (long term breastfeeding in our family). I haven't had any dairy in 20 years!



answers from San Francisco on

My lactation consultant said most babies can handle the dairy protein (it's not a lactose issue--breastmilk is full of lactose!!!) passed through breastmilk or in formula at about 4 months of age. However, she said for some sensitive babies it's best to wait until they are one year.

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