Colic: Nutramigen

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What Is Colic?

My 7 week old daughter might be colic. This is my first and I hear different things like "all babies cry". We had switched her formula 4 times and she is now on Gentlease by Emfamil. This seems to work but now she cries(screams) everyday, about the same time. Yesterday it was for 3 hours and it got so bad I had to call my mother to come over. Thankfully she lives about 10 minutes away. I just reached a breaking point and started crying myself. I took her temp and it was fine. Nothing soothed her. If she does this everyday is this colic or...


Could It Be Colic?

My daughter would always get fussy between the hours of 6p and 8 pm...but...


Is This Colic?

My daughter is 2 months old and has recently become very fussy especially in...


Is It Colic?

My 6 week old has been having trouble with having bowel movements pretty...

Signs & Symptoms

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Switching from Nutramigen to Gentlease...HELP

OK- My son is six months old and has been on Nutramigen since he was three months. At his six month check-up I asked the pedi if we could change and she said try Gentlease for a week and see if you notice a change..Well, it has been four days and he has been fussier....My question is how long should I wait? Any pointers on what I should do? He does not seem to be in pain just fussy...He is not spitting any more than usual....I just don't know what to do. HELP!


Signs of Reflux

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Signs of Pregnancy

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