Is This Colic?

Updated on November 22, 2015
K.P. asks from Red Lion, PA
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My daughter is 2 months old and has recently become very fussy especially in the afternoon and evening. She generally wants to be held facing out or down and walked around the house and this calms her down but it is exhausting for me. She also has a problem at her 3am feeding where she falls back to sleep but cries immediately after I put her in her crib no matter how long she has been sleeping in my arms. I end up spending at least an hour trying to get her back to sleep and then sometimes my husband has to try for 30-40 minutes. Is this colic? My husband thinks I should try putting her on a schedule of two naps a day and a bedtime at 8pm. Is she too young for this? Her ped said I shouldn't expect her to be on a schedule until 4 months old. I am concerned about her going to daycare in another month. She will only be there 2 days a week but the daycare provider won't be able to walk her around all afternoon like I do. Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated! Thanks.

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answers from Providence on

Hi K.,

The sooner you start her on a regular schedule the better off she and you will be. Even babies need a regular sleeping schedule. I've read many articles on this and my experience is babies need to learn to fall asleep on their own. This is why she wakes a soon as you put her in her crib....she is used to you putting her to sleep. Have you tried letting her cry a bit? It sounds awful but it worked for me. Good luck and please keep us informed as to what you try and what works......thanks



answers from Boston on

my daughter became fussy also on formula but i will be starting work so i had to . But when she was breast fed she was fine



answers from Boston on

Dear K., I have an eight year old and a 3week old baby, this is what helped me to calm my crying baby in minutes. Its an amazing secret used by centuries "the calming reflex" this reflex is litterally the "off-swicht" for your baby's crying. by Dr. Harvey Karp he has a book and videos "THE HAPPIEST BABY ON THE BLOCK" its just amazing. check it online at

good luck




answers from Boston on

baby magic tea did work for my colicky fussy boy. i am still using it with great results and he sleeps whole night without any crying...



answers from New London on

Hi K., I thought my 8 mo daughter had colic too, but it turned out that she just had fussy times, usually for two hours in the early evening that she grew out of. Its hard to put a baby on a schedule, and my daughter has been in daycare since she was 4 months old, and i was a nervous wreck for weeks, until i got adjusted to it, they are very capable, may i suggest Bright Beginnings if you are in Norwich. Definately try letting her cry, finish her bottle , wake her if you have too. The fuller the better. Colicy babies cry CONSTANTLY no matter what you do. Its hard those late night feedings, very demanding and exhausting. GL K...take care



answers from Springfield on

Hi. I have a 3-month-old son and he also has his fussy times. His doctor says that he doesn't have colic but sometimes I have to wonder! Are you nursing or formula feeding? I nursed for 10 weeks and when I went back to work I put my son on formula. He got really fussy. I ended up taking him to the doctors and it turns out that he has to be on special formula ... Enfamil Nutramigen. If your baby is on formula maybe you need to switch it. As for feeling stressed out about your baby and daycare, that won't ever end!! For the most part, my son is good for the lady who watches him but he still does have his days. They are young and anyone watching them should know this. As they get older they will adjust. My son also isn't on a schedule. I think if he was formula fed from early on I might have been able to get him on a schedule but when breastfeeding he ate a lot and you have no clue how much they are getting. Our daycare provider keeps on saying he will eventually fall into a schedule when he gets a little older. Feel free to email me if you want. It is always nice to talk to other moms who are going through the same thing as you. Good luck!!



answers from Boston on

Hi K., I feel your pain. My son was the same way. My suggestion will be hard but you can do it. What worked for me is to start a bed time routine with her the same time every night. I would give him a sponge bath every night between 6:30 and 7. After the bath he had a little massage with baby lotion. Then put on a fresh clean diaper, pj's and then a nice full bottle. Make sure you get a few good burps out of her and then get her as comfortable as you possibly can. I know it will be hard but once you lay her down let her cry herself to sleep. If you she screams out of control go in pick her up and give her a good burp. If she doesn't burp after about a minute or two lay her back down and let her find a way to comfort herself. I promise you will be thankful you did. The longer you continue to put her down asleep the longer it will take for her to learn to do it herself. I hope this helped.



answers from Boston on

hi K.!

your daughter is way to young for a schedule!!! At two months there is really not much you can do sleep wise. She is probally still sleeping most of her days away anyway as she should be.

A one of the things you can do is encourage her to finish her bottle before she falls asleep (if your nursing this can prove to be quite difficult) She will sleep sounder if she's full.

That also aids in helping her fall asleep on her own. Once she's done the bottle or nursing and you feel she is ready for a nap lay her down in the crib. Trust me if she learns to put herself to sleep you will be forever grateful. At two months I wouldn't let her cry her head off or anything lol but you can safely put her in her crib and come back to comfort her if she is still crying in 15minutes then try again.

Remember there is a difference between crying and fussing. If she is only fussing then its safe to leave her and let her continute to fall asleep on her own

hope it works out for you


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