Colic: Nestle & Carnation

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Who Has Used Nutramigen and Changed to Another After a Few Months

My daughter is on Nutramigen right now due to more colic issues then anything plus the colic was not really bad.. I am thinking about talking to the Dr about changing we have talked some about moving to soy but I am kinda scared to do that I have heard Good Start is a great formula to change to but I really just want to get some feed back on what other moms have done or used before I even consider anything she is going on 3 months right now. I am really just wanting like I said some info on what other moms have done and how it worked out...


What Is Colic?

My 7 week old daughter might be colic. This is my first and I hear different...


Could It Be Colic?

My daughter would always get fussy between the hours of 6p and 8 pm...but...