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Updated on November 23, 2015
C.K. asks from Parker City, IN
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My 2 month old daughter has colic. When she was first born, her crying was scheduled but now it seems to be ALL day. She does fine at night (after about 10pm) Has anyone been through this, any suggestions, advise? How long does this usually last?

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Oh honey, hang in there! My daughter had colic and I thought I was going to lose my mind. She cried for hours on end and it seemed like there was no way to stop it. We got a little relief from the "Happiest Baby on the Block" methods and from the "healthy sleep habits, happy child" books, but what really helped was time and going to the doctor for prescription gas drops and acid reflux medicine. We finally realized that she was having a really hard time, even though she was breast-fed, she was still having a lot of reflux and gas problems. The prescription gas drops helped a lot and so did the acid reflux medicine they gave us.
Things really started calming down when she got to be about 4 months old. She was pretty much completely over it by then.
My best advice would be to find someone you trust, a family member, friend, caregiver, to get you some time away from the baby, even if it is just for a few hours, so that you can take a break from the crying for a while and go see a movie or go shopping or do something, just for yourself. I went and had a massage once during a particularly hard week. We couldn't afford it, but it was the best 60 minutes of my life! You will get through this, and then it will seem like a really short period that you barely remember. But for now, I know it seems like it is never going to end. Trust me, it DOES get better. You should definately talk to your doctor, though. They may be able to help.


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answers from Youngstown on

Hi C....My heart goes out to you! My baby was colic too, and I wanted to throw myself under a bus some days. Her screaming started at 5 pm every night, and would last for hours. It was pure hell. I hate to say it...but nothing worked. We tried it all..gas drops, walks, rocking, stroller, car rides....NOTHING worked. And then at 10 weeks old it stopped. Just like that...she just stopped. I also noticed that at that same time she started burping by herself. She would be in her swing and burp...without someone having to burp her. So I just figured that her little system matured enough to work out the colic.

My only advice is take a break. During the screaming, give the baby to hubby and take a walk outside. That was the only thing that kept me sane. And know that it won't last forever. I remeber when people said that to me, I would think "yeah, that doesn't help me now though". But the truth is it will stop. One day soon, I bet. Hang in there. Good luck to you!

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answers from Columbus on

I can totally empathize with you! My son would cry from 2 to 11 everyday. The time period gets shorter and eventually around 3-4 months stops. I would place him on his tummy across my lap and move my legs side to side and this seem to help him. He slept in a swing by my bed as that was the only way we could get him to sleep. I don't have much as far as suggestions. I know it's hard to feel helpless and not be able to soothe her. Just know it will end and take turns with your hubby while she is crying to keep your sanity.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I had issues with my baby girl (born 12/21/08) She would cry just about ALL Day and then flipped off like a light at midnight (we started calling her Cinderella). The only way I could stop the crying was to nurse her. She would fall asleep for MAYBE 30 mins and then she was up again for 2 hours min screaming. Anyway my mom came to visit. She is a nurse. She told me my baby had lots of gas. She told me to take her temp rectally and gently wiggle it around. It was INSTANT relief. The baby passed alot of gas, pooped all over my hands and then passed out. I finished changing her and she was still out and slept for 6 hours. I ended up waking her because it was during the day and she needed to eat. My problem was that my baby must be lactose intollerant because When I stopped drinking milk (at 3 weeks) she has not had a problem with the gas and has slept in nice long stretches. If your baby is Formula fed, try to switch out the formula to a soy. I told my doc about it and they gave me a free sample from Similac.
Good luck..It really stinks listening to the little ones cry. Also they say it lasts up to 3 or 4 months

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answers from Cleveland on

Hi C.,

"Colic" is a generalized catch-all term for extreme fussiness, but it usually is caused by digestive problems. You should speak with your pediatrician about changing her formula, if she is on formula. Does she cry when she has to burp? That is one sign that you are looking at a digestive problem. My daughter went from regular formula, to soy formula, to a specialized formula before her colic finally subsided. She also had acid reflux, and was put on Pepcid, which worked wonders.
Good luck and remember, "This, too shall pass."

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answers from Cleveland on

My first daughter had colic and I can realate to your "pain!" I thought it would never really was awful especially as a first time mom. She would cry from like 6PM to 1AM for about 9 weeks straight! Very very hard to deal with! The only suggestions I have that would work temporarily is setting her on top of the dryer and feeding her a bottle. Or, near the dishwasher. The vaccum cleaner did work as well, but again temporarily. There was not alot to do to "fix" colic. It truly is a matter of time and IT WILL PASS! Oh, yes and ALOT of just holding and bouncing helped too! There is just not alot out there to help. I did get something called gripe water I believe at the vitamins type store. She seemed to like that at times too. And, just know that if you are going out of your mind, much like I was, it will pass soon. They say usually about 3 months or so is the time frame. Anyone willing to watch your daughter(s) for awhile...take them up on it! Good Luck!

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answers from Columbus on

The technical definition of colic has NOTHING to do with digestive issues- it's just crying. More specifically, unconsoleable crying, ususally in the evening hours, for 3 or more hours, most nights. My son cried for 2-3 hours 4 nights a week and consequently didn't fit the technical definition of colic. It was miserable, especially as a first-time mom.

Looking back, I think for my son the issue was hunger and fatigue. He didn't sleep well or sleep much during the day and was so over-tired by night he couldn't turn off to sleep and cried instead. We also discovered I had supply issues while nursing which is why I think he was hungry too.

He finally stopped crying so much when he was around 4 months old. From the research I did, that was pretty typical.

I gave up dairy for a few weeks (which was harder than it sounds, it's in everything, there are 3 derivatives of milk and those are found in most things, even non-dairy creamer and some potato chips, if you can believe it) and that did nothing for him.

So just a word of caution, the colic can be completely independent from digestive issues, they don't necessarily go together.

I hope you find some relief for your little one (and yourself) soon!


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answers from Indianapolis on


You'll get ALOT of good out of these books. You can probably find them cheaper on Amazon.



answers from Cincinnati on

One pediatrician found that over 58% of babies diagnosed with "colic" actually had some digestive issue going on -- typically an allergy to cow's milk or soy proteins via breastmilk or formula, or reflux, or GERD (and often the allergy would make the reflux worse, etc). Here's the article, and following that, a link to a blog of a mom whose colicky baby found relief once the milk protein allergy was identified:

Our family was thrust into the blurry world of "colic" when our son was born -- he, too, turned out to *NOT* have any colic after I eliminated all cow's milk protein and soy protein from my diet. The transformation was truly AMAZING, and I cannot imagine just "suffering with colic" when in so many cases, something CAN be done to get to the root cause.

In my son's case, I was breastfeeding and wanted to continue doing so -- the dietary changes were at first a challenge, but 3-4 weeks into things, the new dairy-free, soy-free rules became routine and normal for me, and VERY WORTH IT! If formula feeding, doing a 6-wk trial of a hypoallergenic formula like Neocate or Elecare to see if her colic symptoms resolve, followed by a reintroduction of a cow's milk or soy based formula to see what baby can tolerate might provide both your daughter AND you some greatly needed relief.

Two more links that I found really helpful, passing them along in case they might be useful for you:

Dairy and other Food Sensitivities in Babies

Four Hidden Medical Causes of Colic (though the entire article is great and worth reading, IMO)

If you haven't yet considered the possible connection between food allergy and colic, I really encourage you to look at it because it can really have a quick, huge, positive impact AND, if breastfeeding, it is *FREE* to eliminate things from your own diet to see if it helps your child. The kellymom link above has some tips (search for the fantastic "hidden dairy cheat sheet"), as does Dr. Sears website.

Best of luck - I really, really hope that things get better for your daughter and you quickly... it is so hard when our babies seem to be inconsolable, in pain, etc.!!! We just want to help them feel better, and it's so hard when we feel our best efforts aren't working.



answers from Bloomington on

Oh, hang in there sweetie! My DD's colic lasted four months, the first two months we honestly just thought that babies were suppose to cry that much. Many of the suggestions here are great. As your trying those out I'd recommend a shot of Whisky between crying sessions. That usually works for at least two hours or so. (Hint: the Whisky is for you, not the baby.) Haha! My DD really liked to be in the sling with a one of those heat pads that you put in the microwave on her tummy. But we didn't figure that out till she was 14 weeks or so. Best of luck finding a port in the storm!



answers from Lima on

Hello C.! I definitely feel for you and your little one, I know it is miserable!!! My daughter also had colic, and there wasn't much that soothed her. there were a few things that occasionally worked: rocking/swinging her a certain way, or try a warm water bottle with a peppermint dropped in it. Eventually we switched her to a gentle formula (Walmart brand Gentle for gassy, fussy babies)that seemed to help a little. I am sure you know, but just remember to try to let your hubby have a turn cause it will make you crazy! The good news is that if I remember right, it didn't last much passed 3 months old, so hopefully soon it will start to get better. Good Luck!




answers from Toledo on

If your baby seems to tense up her body and screams in pain, it could be GERD. Talk to your pediatrician about the possibility. Zantac helped our child a lot. You can try a homeopathic remedy from Hyland's for colic. If you are nursing, try cutting out dairy and caffeine and see if that makes a difference. Sleeping in a propped up position may also help. Good luck!



answers from Terre Haute on

My friends baby had colic a LOT
she would put the blanket or a towel in the dryer and then swaddle him in the blanket or towel limiting his arm and feet motion making him feel as if he were being cuddled. She did hold him too, but she was able to lay him down some too.
Have you asked jeeves? or googled colic I bet you can find some good responses there too.



answers from Cincinnati on

Dear C.,
My daughter had colic. It only lasts about 3 months. I have read that if you are breast feeding, your baby might not be able to metabolize milk. So if you are drinking milk you should probably stop. If she is having gas, lay her on your lap with her facing up and her bottom toward you. Then take her legs and move them toward her stomach and around in a circular motion. This might give her some relief if the gas cannot escape. L. J



answers from Columbus on

I would listen to all the posts about the dairy issue. . . if you are breastfeeding - you should try to stop the dairy and see if that helps. I've heard that chiropractic can help too.



answers from Dayton on

You might want to try Colic Calm: and/or Hylands Colic tabs, both of these were helpful for our baby. It will pass! Just remember that it will pass. Also, the Happiest Baby on the Block (video and book) might be helpful. Good luck!



answers from Dayton on

I sympathize greatly! My first two had colic. The only advice anyone ever gave me was to make sure I got away from them once in a while because the crying would wear on me. ME? What about the poor baby.
I have a few suggestions that worked for me. Hopefully they help your poor lillte girl.
1. peppermint tea - steep a cup and feed to the baby in a bottle or medicine dropper
2. acidophilus - I breast fed both girls. If I took acidophilus supplements (the live kind found in the refrigerated section of the health food store) the colic was diminished by over 50%.
3. dietary changes - Pay special attention to what you eat. Tomato products and ginger aggravated my girls colic immensely. I have also heard of milk, chocolate, and garlic bothering babies.
Good luck.



answers from Fort Wayne on

Hello there BOTH of my kids had Colic and LORD it is not fun lol.... I gave mine Mylican (sp) and Colic tablets which are WONDERFUL... Gave Tablets to them from day 10.. They melt in their mouth and work FAST.... WONDERFUL Life saver lol... Good Luck



answers from Bloomington on

gripe water. works wonders, i've heard. (didn't know about it when mine were colicky...)

hold them with stomach facing out, and your arm pressing on their stomach.

bounce holding them on a yoga ball.

if you're nursing, notice your diet. dairy, onions, sausage, and other strong foods can sometimes cause colic. sausage made my daughter scream! so i avoided that... thankfully it was an easy one to cut out.

i feel for you, hang in there!!!! it's not fun but it did get better! around 4 or 5 months, i think.



answers from Cincinnati on

My son had colic for six long months. During this time, I found out that "true" colic is also associated with stomach issues (he ended up having to take zantac for acid reflux).
I have recently been seeing a chiropractor (Dr. Brickner in Springboro). If I knew then what I know now, I would have definitely had my son in to see him with hopes of relieving the colic. It's amazing to learn just how much your nervous system has an effect on the rest of your body.



answers from Indianapolis on

Go to Walgreen's, Target, or Babies-R-Us and get "Dr. Brown Bottles."

They are INCREDIBLE. I used them for both my daughters, and they never got colicky at all, and used much less Mylicon than normally would have also.

With my oldest, we had gotten the Air-vent (Playtex?) bottles as a gift and tried those, and the Avent bottles, and she wouldn't drink from them. We got the Dr. Brown's bottles, and she started draining them! Same with our 2 year old. Colic was never an issue with either child.

My sister went through this with her oldest boy, before she found these bottles - that's how we found out about them.

They are a little expensive, but SOOO very worth it!

Good luck!



answers from Bloomington on

I noticed someone mentioned the 5 s's. So you don't have to go digging or buy a book, they are:

swing -- motion, rocking
swaddle -- wrap tightly
suck -- if she doesn't take a paci, try your finger
side/stomach position -- hold her on her side (football hold) or on her tummy (I could hold my daughter on my hand with my arm between her legs for a short time, but my friend would lay her daughter across her lap)
shh -- make the "shh" noise

A doctor in California claims that he can calm ANY baby by doing all 5 of these things at the same time.



answers from Columbus on

Have you ruled out allergies? My son was very colicy, but we found out that it was due to intollerances to foods in my diet (dairy and soy). The one thing that regularly soothed him was an excercise ball. I would hold him facing out, then I'd sit on the ball and gently bounce. The pressure from my arms on his sides and the bouncing really seemed to help.
Get support if you can so that you can take a break and keep your sanity. It is incredibly stressful to deal with the crying all the time.
Good luck and God bless.



answers from Cincinnati on

My heart goes out to you. My son screamed nonstop for 14 weeks (thankfully he liked to sleep at night) and I won't lie, it was pure hell.

It got so much advice, some of it good, some of it not-so-good, and some of it downright mean. Hopefully you won't get any of that.

We tried everything - swaddling, shushing, swinging, side-lying positions, sucking, changing my diet, going for a ride in the car, going for a ride in the stroller - you name it, we tried it. And not just once either; we'd give every gimmick a fair shot. Things would work once or twice then not again.

My favorite moments were when someone would try to tell me that 'colic doesn't exist' and that I 'needed to try harder to figure out what was wrong'. As if I enjoyed my baby screaming all hours of the day, while dealing with post-partum depression and trying to figure out life with a newborn...give me a break! Of course I took my son to his pediatrician and had him thoroughly evaluated for reflux, gas, intolerances, you name it. Like I'm just going to let my kid scream and suffer and not do anything about it...yeah, right!

The two best pieces of advice I got were #1 try to get him into a routine/pattern/schedule so he knows what to expect and anxiety is decreased and #2 the colic will probably stop sometime in the third month.

And, like a switch around 14 weeks, the screaming just stopped and for seemingly no reason. I was so worried that, because my baby was colicky that he would always be miserable. Now, he's just over 2 years old and has the most wonderful personality - he's so happy and fun to be around. On the bright side, tantrums are NOTHING compared to the colic days so dealing with them are easy.

My best piece of advice is to try and make him as comfortable as possible and see what happens in the third month. More importantly though, make sure that you take time for yourself and get some 'alone time' so you don't go crazy...that's an easy thing to do!

I wish you luck and please believe that things eventually do get better!

EDITED to add:
Bologna on the food allergies!
I should know, our son was taking expressed breastmilk and I stopped all dairy (and so, so, so many other 'bad' foods).

Didn't make a bit of difference.

He did not then and does not now have any food allergies!

Breastmilk is great but it is not the magic elixir that everyone seems to think it is. Breastmilk does not solve every problem under the sun - if it did, my baby wouldn't have been a screamer for 14 weeks!



answers from Providence on

Give her babies magic tea and your baby will be soothed in no time. I am suggesting this tea after successful use.



answers from Indianapolis on

Hi C.!

I am an RN with a 4 month old son of my own. I know we would teach our mommies about happiest baby on the block with the 5 s's - I bet you could find the book at Barnes and Nobles or on Amazon. The gist of the book is to try to replicate the conditions the baby had in utero. Swaddle her tightly, shake or sway her gently, offer some white noise (dishwasher, cd, ocean sound, or your own swooshing sound). Maybe on a nice day, take her out for a car ride, just to get some piece of mind. Make sure you get a break each day - do you have family to help for even a 15 minute break with out her crying?

Also, their are some very safe products for colicy babies out on the market. Gripe water, either Little Tummies or Nature's bliss (Little tummies is everywhere, Nature's Bliss you have to go to a natural food's store) or try Mylicon drops. They are made to sooth a babies tummy if it is gassy.

do you have a swing or a vibrator chair. Often those work. There were many nights in the nursery at work, when there were 8-10 babies and they were all crying. We would take turns in our little chairs and swaddling them! It worked.

Hope this helps C.! Take a deep breath, you will get through this!!!



answers from Lafayette on

Gripe was a wonder for my baby boy. You can find it next to the Mylicon in the baby section at the drug store. It is a natural remedy, and I recommend it to everyone...and they have all had great results, too!

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