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Child's Weight Gain

My son is 9 mo. and refuses to take a bottle. He has taken a bottle before but now no matter what the contents,(breastmilk,formula,water)and no matter who tries to give it to him, he refuses. He will not drink from a sippy cup or regular cup either. I have been nursing him and he eats some baby/table food, however according to his 9 mo. check-up he has fallen off the charts for weight gain and now his height is stagnant too. Our doctor recommends I ween him and give him high concentrates of formula but he will not take a bottle. He...

Day Care Centers & Providers

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Travel Discs/ideas for Sealing Playtex Nursers?

I have looked everywhere for the small travel discs for placing between the nipple and the liner for Playtex Drop-Ins bottles. I have a couple (they must have come with my first bottle set), but I cannot find anywhere to buy replacements or extras. Babies R Us and Target don't carry them. I can't find them online. Does anyone have any ideas about how to help keep my bottles from spilling on the ride to day care? I can't believe Playtex doesn't sell travel discs. Every other bottle type has them. So I am looking for any ideas. Thanks!!...


Fussing at Daycare

My daycare asked me this morning how long I plan to nurse my son who is now...

Nanny Share

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Preparing for Going Back to Work & Pumping

I'm going back on March 3rd and I want to start pumping in the month of February so that my nanny can feed my child only breastmilk. Any advice on how often I should pump? I heard that you should pump everytime you feed your child for 2 weeks straight. I would like to build a good supply in the freezer. Also, any ideas on how to thaw frozen milk quickly? My son has very little patience when he has to take the bottle because it takes a while to prepare it. How long can you leave the bottle out once is defrosted and at room temperature? ...


Revise My Dilemma

I would like to be more specific with the problems I'm having with my 3...

Occasional & Drop-in Care

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Playtex Double Electric Breast Pump

I am a first time mom shopping for a breast pump. I am using the platex drop in system bottles and am intersted in using the playtex pump that goes with that system. I have read mixed reviews about this pump. Half of the mothers love it and the other half hate it. Any opinions or suggestions about this pump?