Does Anyone Know of an Excellent Full Background Check Website

Updated on March 14, 2012
S.B. asks from Peoria, AZ
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Hi Everyone,

We are looking just beginning to interview individuals for habilitation for our 5 year old Autistic Non-Verbal son. We will have the individuals in our home for 10 hours per week and although they will not be alone with our son we want to know every thing we possible can about them.

Does anyone know of a website that we can get info on individuals (not the $50/per ones - we are interviewing too many people to afford that) like..... address, employment history, criminal record, family history.....that kind of thing.

We are looking for the same thing you would use when you would leave your child, that is unable to tell you any bad things a person could do to them, even if it is only when my back is turned or if I have to go to the bathroom.

Thanks All!!!

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answers from Tampa on

Ok, most states have agencies who do the classes and regulate the liscences for daycares, home care programs for the elderly, etc. I know when I wanted to become a liscenced home daycare provider/ preschool teacher I had to go do a 40 hour training and take a simple test through ours here as well as the prior state that I lived in. They also made the lists available to anyone who was looking for childcare, and these lists had any complaints, pending charges, or actions taken against the individual. In my state, the place to contact was the local dept of children and families. (DCF) You could just tell them that you are going to hire someone to come in and help care for your child in your home and want to look on their database for any complaints. They WILL help you. Also, there are many sites that charge much less to do background checks and once you pay, you can do several. I know one of them is called, another is, and there is always people . They do charge, but not for each search. Once you pay, you can search for a period of time as many people as you want. Please keep in mind though, until a person is caught and charged with a crime, they will not have anything show up on their records. Some people seem to forget this important fact. I am a BIG "go with your gut" kind of Mom. If it doesn't make you feel right or comfortable, then it probablt isn't. Also, there are many wonderful people out there who will be able to help out with you and your child. My best to you and good luck with your search!

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answers from Redding on

I gave you a link to a company that does background checks for employees. They are the company that we use. I don't know if you have to be contracted with them, etc.
I DO know that you have to have a signed authorization form from the individual giving you permission to check their background.
There are also checks that can be run through your local police department, again, with the person's permission.

Background checks can be quite pricey. The ones we run don't show any employment history (you can verify that yourself by checking references) or "family history". They run nationwide and statewide criminal checks as well as driving records.

We have over 100 employees and interview new applicants twice per week. We only run background checks on the ones we definitely want to hire then wait for the background check results. Out of 12 applicants per week, we may run only one background check.

Like I said, contact your local law enforcement agency and ask them if they do Live Scan fingerprint checks and what is necessary to have them run.

I do not agree with making people pay for their own background checks, especially for so few hours a week. If passing a background check is a condition of employment, it should be paid for by you.

Just my opinion.
Best wishes.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Nothing trumps going to your local Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (state law enforcement center database). This is where those web services and private detectives get their information from anyway. Check tax records, driving records, birth and marriage certificates, medical board, nursing board, call neighbors and relatives directly by using the white pages on the internet to get names and numbers. Get their resume and call everyone on it to verify employment. Check the FBI website in your area to see if they are on the sex offender lists, and so on. The BCA records will list aliases and previous addresses if there are priors. Make them get finger printed and drug tested if you are not hiring through an agency. Have those checked and matched against a criminal database. These days people can fake a whole history for themselves with the magic of technology. So it is always better to do double up on background checks yourself by calling around yourself.

Just fyi, most public records are fairly cheap if you want copies. But most often it's free if you just look at their database on site.

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answers from Flagstaff on

In AZ, anyone working with children (daycare or in schools, etc) is required to have a "fingerprint card." To get a fingerprint card, the person get their fingerprints taken and they are sent in for a background check. If it comes back clean, they get the card. (I think it's good for 3 years at a time.) It would not be unusual to require your employee to get a fingerprint card at their own expense. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to receive the card once submitted, but sometimes less.



answers from New York on

Try's like $20 for (I believe) 400 lookups.


answers from Lynchburg on

Hi S.-

I might consider interviewing down to the last 2 candidates based on your 'gut' reaction...then a background check?

Also, I might try working with community services/social services for a list of folks who may be qualified? Or, at least, when you have narrowed the field...if they can run a check?

Best luck!



answers from Cleveland on

are you hiring them? couldyou make them pay for it themselves as part of the application process?? not sure i love that, but i don't know of any sites. I hope someone else can help you.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would narrow the field to two or three candidates (or even the one final) and then spend $50 per person to have this done. That doesn't seem too much to spend for your peace of mind. Most companies who run background checks only do them for the final candidate(s). All the people you interview will not likely want to give you their social security number and birthdate, necessary to run a background check, unless they are close to being given the job.

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