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Updated on December 29, 2010
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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We are in the process of hiring a nanny for our baby boy who is 8 months old.We have a temporary nanny now from an agency, but we will have to find a permanent one (through the same agency) as she will have to leave soon. My husband is at home this week so our baby has not been left alone with this nanny yet.
We like the nanny we have now but I still worry about leaving the baby alone. The agency does background checks on all nannies and we can get their SSN for tax purposes. My question is for moms who have hired nannies through such agencies - did you ask for any details about the background checks? How do I know if they have really done it and if everything is good.I think it would be rude to ask directly for proof they have done it or can I? Not like I don't trust but it's my baby so I need to be as careful as I can be. Also, they are in the process of hiring a new nanny for us - so whoever we will have next will not be someone who has worked for them for a while. How long does it take to get the background checks done? Also, from our side what other information can we ask about these nannies - like can I ask for copy of their driver's liscence etc? The agency is run by just one person who works from home.She seems to be a nice lady but we have never met her. Just found this agency online. I need to find a nanny soon as I am working too. Too many questions - I hope we find the right nanny for our baby.What else can I do from my end to feel safer to leave my baby alone with the nanny? Please advise.Thanks so much in advance.

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answers from New York on

I think I would go with a bigger agency, one that can send serval nannies to your house so that you can interview them and choose one you like. Also, you can do a separate background check through a private investigation firm, which I highly recommend.
I don't think I would really trust a women, that I never met, to send someone to my house to watch my child. Is she licensed to run a nanny company? Please do as much "investigating" as you can, it will put your mind at ease.



answers from Minneapolis on

I would insist on seeing the background check results, on paper.



answers from Milwaukee on

We live in Wisconsin, and any person can do a free criminal background check by using ccap. I imagine there is something similar in MN. We have always used an au pair agency (we use Cultural Homestay International), and they provide you with copies of the background checks, and you interview whichever girl you want, and make your own decision. We have also always used hidden nanny-cams, which are fairly inexpensive to find now. Don't apologize for wanting to be sure that your child is getting good care, that's what good Mom's do.



answers from Chicago on

If you went with a site such as sitter city or they have background checks. the only way the person can say they have it is if they did it. it is paid for and done online right through the agency. not sure if you can ask for her license but I have been a nanny for a family and I can tell you that I would say no to that request.

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