Website to Use for Background Check on Potentional Childcare Provider

Updated on August 20, 2011
T.F. asks from Vista, CA
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I need to hire someone to watch my son 10 to 15 hours a week. I am going back to work PT and some nights my husband is not home in time for me to get to work on time. I need evening and weekends so I am having to find some one that is not certified by the state. What websites have you used in the past to obtain a background check for a childcare provider.


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answers from San Francisco on

Well, I run a co. that does background checks. I have asked and answered questions on this site and read it everyday. We do pre-employment screening, tenant screening, nanny screening and investigations. We have been in business for over 25 years. There are many "background" companies online that are NOT offering legitimate searches any many that are great. You should get a ss# verification, county criminal records search based on previous addresses, a national sex offender search and a driving history if the person will be driving your child in the car. My company website is BAYAREASCREENING.COM and I am located in California, but can do checks anywhere in the country and even Canada. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Good luck!


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answers from Sacramento on

I'd go through Livescan for a background check. You can call you local police station to see if there's a place near you to have your potential employee get it done. Livescan background checks are required for people who work in care homes, and it will tell you if the person you are hiring has a criminal background. This will also cost you some money, but in my opinion, well worth the cost. I would also recommend that you ask them (your employee) for a DMV print out. A driving record can tell a lot about the person you're hiring.
I have been known to check MySpace pages as well. It's amazing that people don't use privacy setting and what people write in a public forum.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on does background checks. You can also pay through the state to get a background check done.

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answers from Portland on

I don't know of any web site that you can use to check back grounds that would be complete enough for this purpose. There are sites to be found that will do background records checks on people. You do have to pay. I've seen the sites when I've been looking to locate a friend with whom I've lost touch. Google background checks, criminal record checks, that sort of thing.

If you go thru one, I'm not sure that you can trust that the info is even accurate. For fun my cousin used one to find out what was available on line for her and her husband. She said not one fact was true. She's white and it said she was black. That's just he start.

Our state, Oregon, certifies evening and night time child caretakers. There may not be anyone that has asked to be certified but if you find someone then you can ask them to get certified.

I suggest that you ask the applicant for references and clearance for you to do a criminal background check. Call your local police department records section and ask what they need to do a background check for you on a prospective caretaker. You may need to take the person with you to the records section but it's more likely that you'll need permission from them signed in front of a notary public along with certified copy of their i.d. I'm not sure how to get that but someone in the police department will know. I'm not sure that this is done often enough for any clerk to know the answer; so don't accept the first answer.

Talking directly with people who have had this person care for their children will give you more information and a better idea of the sort of person your prospective caretaker is. It's often thought that the people that one gives as references will only give good information. This is just not so. It's surprising how often people are really unaware of how they are seen by others.

Sometimes you can get information on a person by googling their name. There should also be a state website that lists sex offenders.

When you interview, ask lots of questions and pay attention to facial expressions and body language as well as answers.

I also suggest considering hiring a high school girl to come in for evenings. When I was in high school I worked for a family who owned an all night restaurant. I frequently slept at their house and spent some weekends there.

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answers from Orlando on

You can register with several childcare agencies online:; Nannies4Hire; Care4Hire;;; I am a babysitter, and am registered with all of them. I have background checks, and a clean record. I am in Orlando near Disney, and cater to both locals or visitors in the evenings/overnights. I am 52 years old, and have years of experience in this caregiving business. I have raised my adult children, and my grandbaby. My older child is now 34, and I have 40 years experience. I have 14 years in this area, and was a former Nursing Assistant with only two traffic tickets. I have been providing exceptional care in this area for the past 14 years, and have a genuine love for kids. I do not get picked due to my age, and most parents want a young sitter. I am getting less, and less work as I get older. They want a pretty sitter, and are not interested in an old lady like me. If I do get an assignment the person will never call me again once they realize I am Black, and have a West Indian accent. I ask myself this question when was the last time you saw a black mature lady on the news who have hurt a child, and my answer is never. We Black women in the Carribbean are nurturing, compassionate, and have a conscience. It is sad, but this is the society that we are living now and now I am going to concentrate on caring for babies. The parents rather hire a 17 years old girl who is blonde with blue eyes even if she is neglecting the kids, and is either on the phone texting or snicking her boyfriend in the house. It makes no sense, and they rather higher her over me. I do not mind if you have older children, and you want to hire a young girl or guy so they can do things with them. I would never higher a teenager to care for young children, and I do not care if I can pay them way less. My kids safety, and well beings are always priorities in my life. I am not totally stupid, because I have an accent and went to College in my country. I am pretty good with science, and math. You get what you pay for, and it is up to the parents to find a sitter who is experienced with the years. I know that I am qualified, and am a good-hearted human being with a morale compass.

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answers from Houston on

I serve as a parent team for a new online upcoming company, that will offer not only child care services but pet, office, home, educational and more. I like it because they have a diverse parent team (includes social workers, direct care workers, retired nurses, etc) that will approve all applicants and most care givers will have background check services via the site. They are to be cost effective, in other words cheaper than the rest while maintaining quality

The site will be launching later this year and i think it will be awesome
check out it or

N. Ogum

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