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Updated on August 24, 2011
J.B. asks from La Jolla, CA
6 answers

I need to conduct a background check for a new sitter. Has anyone used a website they like? I just used US search and I think it was a scam. I have the birthdate and DL #. The sitter told me about a judgement on her record and it did not come up on the US search. Thanks in advance!!!

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answers from Houston on

I will do a search on Mamapedia first. There are plenty of info here including businesses that runs background check.

I now serve in a parent team for a new online upcoming company, called It will offer not only child care services but pet, office, home, educational and more. I like it because they have a diverse parent team (includes social workers, direct care workers, retired nurses, dads, teachers, professional nannies, etc) that will approve all applicants and most care givers will have background check services (they use Acxiom and/or Lexis Nexis -they do pre-employment screening, a ss# verification, county criminal records search based on previous addresses, a national sex offender search and a driving history via the site.) They will be offering the most cost effective service, in other words cheaper than the rest while maintaining quality

The site will be launching later this year and i think it will be awesome
check out it or




answers from Kansas City on

when i used to hire babysitters that were from the local college, I asked them for 3 references, and I called them myself. Sometimes I even got to talk to a parent.


answers from Kansas City on

Is there a way for you to spend more time with her, go knock on a few neighbors doors, and get to know her more personally? I really don't believe that a background check is enough or even a good way to decide about a caregiver. A person can have a clean driving record and never be arrested for anything and still be a dreadful person.

If you have some time between now and the time she would start, I'd want to be on her facebook account so you can see what she talks about. If it were me, I'd want to invite them to my house on my territory and have them for dinner.

Does she have other kids in care? Is she caring for your child at your house or hers?

Anyway, sorry. But I don't know of any sites that can guarantee you much of anything with those quickie background searches.


answers from Biloxi on

Check with your local police department - many will perform a background check (for a fee) for employment purposes. If, the judgement was in a different jurisdiction, you may need to have her obtain one from that jurisdiction.

Also, check on an FBI check - they are more pricey, and take awhile to come back - but are very thorough.

Also, check with prior employers and get her to provide letters of reference.


answers from Los Angeles on

I dont know if you have this service, but here, you can search court records, online, for any criminal or civil matters, for free, accessing any charges, court appearances, and decisions. I would call the local courthouse and ask. Also, here, you can do this at the courthouse, they have computers available to the public that access their records.



answers from Richmond on

dont check out just the potential sitter,check out anyone who lives near the sitter, who may stop by, this is how pedohiles get easy access to kids. by being the friendly, handy neighbor who just happens to have a criminal record involving kids.
K. h.

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