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Updated on March 02, 2012
S.M. asks from Pearland, TX
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Hello ladies. I am due in May and have to go back to work about 6 weeks later. My husband works from home. We will be looking for a nanny to come into our house during the day to take care of the baby. What is the best way to go about finding someone? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I haven't lived here in Dallas for very long so I don't know a lot of people. How much should I expect to spend per week? I realize this is area dependent. For those of you that have a nanny, what kind of responsibilities do you expect of them? Do they help keep the house tidy, etc? Thanks in advance for your advice and assistance.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your helpful input and I have put some ads in at some of these sites. To Ariasmama, I hadn't even considered the possibility of a nanny accusing my husband of foul play when things aren't going well for other reasons. In this litigious climate we live in it is beneficial to think of all potential pitfalls. I was naively thinking it would be e benefit to have him close by. We are opening ourselves up as well to different daycare options. Thank you again ladies!

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Hi S.. and are great places to look for a nanny. There are a lot of sitters listed on Craigslist too, if you're comfortable with that. You can post an "ad" on any of these sites with your expectations and rates you are willing to pay. Especially with a newborn that sleeps a lot, most nannies will wash bottles and do laundry for the baby, as well as keep toys and baby related items picked up around the house. Some will clean your house for a better salary. You should definitely interview a few to find the right one for you. Keep in mind that nannies are usually paid more for newborns.

Best of luck!

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I run a local babysitting service as well as use to be a nanny and a asst dir in the childcare field. All the sites the moms listed below are great:, and

If you go with an agency you can go with Nannies 2 Go (I think out of Southlake) and Mom's Best Friend (Lewsiville) with them you know you are getting a girl that will definitely commit as you sign a contract. But you will prob pay a little more.

I know when I nannied as well as all the nannies I know made between 400-650 a week 1-3 kids and depends on what you wanted them to do and the hours each day, are they driving the child anywhere etc... $400 a week is only $10/hr if you break it down...

Also please take into consideration something. It might be harder to find a nanny with the fact that your husband works from home. That might make the girl/mom uncomfortable with you not there as well as that puts you in a situation that if you get upset with the girl/woman she can turn around and file a lawsuit saying your husband made advances... just being blunt.

I personally will not babysit or have any of my girls babysit when the dad is home. I would not put myself in that situation or my girls that work for me.

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We used and found an absolutely amazing woman that we have had for over two years. She not only watches my child, but picks up, does all my laundry, does crafts, educational things, etc. She never has the tv on. I am pretty obsessive about this kind of thing, the site does a very thorough background check and I put her through an extensive interview as well. She has been a huge blessing to our family. My little one will be starting school in the Fall. If you would like to send me a private message, I will send you more about her.

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Hi, I personally used when we moved to Dallas. You can specify the duties, care, housework, etc., so that the applicant knows what's expected of them. Our nanny did childcare but was also expected to clean the kitchen, do their laundry keep their rooms clean. Many of the people have background checks already done.
The site also has a feature where you can see what the going rate is in your zip code. I interviewed about 4-5 people (many more applied) and we hired a nanny that stayed with us until the kids went to preschool.

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Hi S.,

If you're still looking, feel free to visit our website at Even though we're nationwide, we're based in the D/FW area, as well, so you'll find plenty of prospective quality candidates. Please feel free to call us if you need any guidance or if we can answer any questions for you at all (it's our favorite thing to do!).

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