Travel Discs/ideas for Sealing Playtex Nursers?

Updated on October 19, 2008
A.S. asks from Mountain View, CA
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I have looked everywhere for the small travel discs for placing between the nipple and the liner for Playtex Drop-Ins bottles. I have a couple (they must have come with my first bottle set), but I cannot find anywhere to buy replacements or extras. Babies R Us and Target don't carry them. I can't find them online. Does anyone have any ideas about how to help keep my bottles from spilling on the ride to day care? I can't believe Playtex doesn't sell travel discs. Every other bottle type has them. So I am looking for any ideas.
Thanks!! :)
BTW I know they have caps, but if you use the cap you can't put on the nipple and have to store the nipple separately. The discs are nice becauses you still keep the bottle and nipple/cap in one piece.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the ideas. I guess Playtex doesn't sell the discs separately. However, they do sell a replacement parts package for the breast feeding storage kit which has a couple discs. So, although I need to buy a few parts that I don't need, its cheaper than buying the breastmilk storage kits (which I don't use). I just wanted the discs for the bottles. I did see on the Playtex website that they sell flat caps for the bottles that actually go OVER the nipple. Which I didn't realize. They crush the nipple down and seal (I thought they had to be put on separately because they were so flat, but I didn't think about the nipple being able to squish down.) So I think I will try these. Yay!

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Try Burlington Coat Factory in Rohnert Park (the baby section)



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Hi A.,

What you want is the breast milk storage set that Playtex sells. They come with small blue disks that can cover the top of the liner and seal great for travel. here is a link for a small set at Baby's R Us.
Here is the set shown on the Playtex website:
I think I might have bought mine in the BabiesRUs store near my house, but when I did I bought a larger set, I think I got 4 or 6, the disks are made for storing your pumped breast milk, so look in those areas of the store. Good luck, they worked great for me!



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Place a little plastic wrap between the layers, screw the top down over it. Works every time, and is very inexpensive, and you don't lose it in the dishwasher!




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hi A.,
we use the playtex dropins and don't use the travel discs. i didn't know there was something to use for travel. we just keep the lids on and don't have a problem with travel at all.



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I would probably, make the formula there and allow extra time for that or put the formula in a thermos and have the daycare put the formula in the bottles when it is time for the baby to eat.



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Go to the playtex web site. In the upper right of the page is a contact us. click it, write to them about your needs. I have found that if I contact a company about their products they are very pro active and will send you what you need plus samples or coupons for what you use!

good luck, J.

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