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Updated on April 23, 2015
K.M. asks from Newburgh, NY
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Has anyone submitted fingerprings for a FBI Background Check, or Identity History Summary Check, recently? The website (dated Sept. 2014) says, "Due to a system upgrade, checks are taking 12-14 weeks". I was just wondering if it was still taking this long. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

I didn't realize there were so many kinds of background checks. I'm looking to obtain my teaching certificate in a new state. The new state requires a background check. I had to submit my fingerprints and social security number. I submitted it about 6 weeks ago, so hopefully I'm around the 1/2 way mark!

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answers from Washington DC on

For the school or for a job?

Schools are usually faster than jobs. All depends upon the situation.

Background checks - if they do interviews, etc. can take up to 6 months. All depends upon how far back they go and how "deep" into your life they go.

If this is for a security clearance? That's normal.

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answers from Seattle on

We live in Canada, and sent our FBI finger prints in for residency back in October 2014....we just received them last month, end of March 2015....

So yes, the site is accurate, if not a little out of date on their turn around :(


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answers from Washington DC on

Give yourself AT LEAST that long. IMO, better to have more time than less.


answers from Williamsport on

I just did it for upcoming field trip with my daughter's class. I'm hoping to get results any time...I did not see that on website and at my location they had the digital finger printer. The guy said 4 weeks. When I said, "Really?" He said, "Well, usually one week but we have to say four." He didn't say anything about a delay. Hope not!!! Or I won't be on that field trip May 21st...



answers from Boston on

We had to go INS and get fingerprinted when we adopted....I don't remember how long it took to come back



answers from Las Vegas on

Yes, I have, but not recently. When I worked for the US Dept. of Justice, I had to have the initial background check and then an additional special security clearance. We would also have to have updated checks on a regular schedule.

My initial background check took months--this included the fingerprinting, drug testing, contacting former employers, associates, and interviewing my neighbors, etc. This was due to the populations I worked with.

Even with all of the technology available these days, humans still have to be involved in the process, so it just depends on how backlogged they are.

Is this for a job or some other purpose? Not sure if that makes a difference. I do know that my friends who are teachers have to have theirs updated every so often, and even though they are already in the system, it still takes some time.

Sorry I'm not more help. This is just what I know from my experience.
I know when you are waiting to see if you are accepted for a new position, this wait can be very draining.

Good luck and hopefully, your background check and fingerprinting will go smoothly.

J. F.

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