Nanny Vs. Day Care?

Updated on February 29, 2012
M.2. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I am having a baby in July. It will be our third child - my oldest starts kindergarten in the fall. I stayed home with both kids until my youngest was one, then I started school, so they started full time day care. Now that I'm two years into the program, my course load is easing up. So here's the dilemma - our current day care doesn't have an infant spot, and we aren't sure about our other options. I am thinking having a nanny would be nice, since it will only be for about 3 days per week, the light cleaning could be done around the house, I wouldn't have to haul two kids to day care and one to school, and my baby could be at home (cloth diapers, breast milk, etc.). We hired one nanny awhile back that did NOT work out, and I'm sort of scared to try again.

So can you give me some feedback on your experiences with nannies? Do you like having a nanny better than day care, and why? Have you had any awful nanny experiences?

Can you give me some advice about the best place to find a good nanny?

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We used daycare (I liked the socialization and my husband like that there was more than one adult around).

If you go with the nanny route, make sure you list your expectations up front. Some people think nanny=watch and feed kids (no cleaning). Others think nanny=watch, feed kids, clean kitchen, do light housework, laundry, etc. For example, my parents hired a housekeeper/nanny the the tasks were discussed during the interview which included grocery shopping and making dinner for the whole family. Essentially, my Mom needed a wife and that's what they hired. I've heard of stories where the nanny will only watch the kids even through the family *thought* they were hiring a housekeeper. Point being, be clear, give him/her a task list and manage everyone's expectations.

Also, be prepared to them to quit with no notice.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I was a nanny for many yrs and LOVED it!!!!! I also have been doing daycare for yrs now and Love that too. So yes it can happen both ways! is a good site for nannies. Ive heard of sittercity and then there is word of mouth, churches and a nanny service. Good luck!



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I used Above and Beyond Nannies in MN. I paid and agency fee... but also got a criminal background check as well as substitute daycare when our nanny had her vacation days or sick days.

Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.


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I WAS a nanny in Wayzata many years ago. I had a great long term (8 year) experience with the family. It CAN happen!

They found me thru an agency, but back then there were no internet options like now. But if you can afford it the agencies do all the interviewing, screening, background and drivers license checks.

Remember that a nanny needs to make a living wage. They need to make enough to pay their bills. I think this is why many have nannies short term (they leave to make more money)

Best of luck!!!

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